William Burke

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Brendan "Dynes" Burke17MaleCaucasianGreat BritainTerritorialCriminal Enterprise1792 Ireland1829/01/28 (Hanged)


Infamous Burke and Hare, The: Serial Killers and Resurrectionists of Nineteenth Century EdinburghR. Michael GordonAmazon, Kindle eBook

William Burke and William Hare killed 17 people between November 1827 and October 1828. They sold the bodies to Doctor Robert Knox of the Edinburgh Medical College for anatomy classes.

They were hanged for their crimes.

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William Burke, along with accomplice William Hare, killed 17 people. They sold the bodies to the Edinburgh Medical College for gross anatomy classes. When Burke was convicted, the judge decreed that his skeleton should go on display after his execution. Instead, it has been locked away in department of anatomy…

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