William Cook

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6MaleCaucasianUSANomadicPersonal Cause1928/23/23 (Joplin, Missouri, USA)1952/12/12 (Gas chamber)

Born to KillGlenn ShirleyAmazon

William Cook was born on December 23, 1928, in Joplin, Missouri. He was born the 5th child of 8 in his family. Cook’s father left the family when he was 5 and his mother died shortly after. Cook spent the majority of his childhood going in and out of juvenile jail and in his teen years would be in and out of jail.
Cook’s murder series began on January 2, 1951 with the murder of the Mosser family in Oklahoma, and ended in the same year in California. His victims ranged between the ages of 3 to 68. He had no preference towards male or female victims. Cook’s victims were all shot to death after offering him a drive to his destination. It is believed that the reason Cook would murder was so that he could rob them. Cook hid the Mosser family in a mineshaft to hide the remains.
On January 9, 1951 Cook was arrested for the murder of Robert Dewey and later was charged for the murder of the Mosser family. He was found guilty of 5 murders on March 20, 1951 and sentenced to 300 years in prison. Cook was found guilty of Robert’s murder and sentenced to death on November 28, 1951. He was executed in the gas chamber on December 12, 1952.

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Victims of William Cook

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William Cook was fond guilty for the murders of six people. We currently have information on all of his victims. Carl Mosser Carl, age 33, was murdered with his wife, three children and dog on January 2, 1951. He had been shot to death. Thelma Mosser Thelma, age 29, was…

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