William MacDonald

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William MacDonald was born in 1924, in England. He was born the middle child of 3 in his family. At a young age MacDonald was diagnosed as being a schizophrenic. He grew up without making friends and remained antisocial throughout his life.

When MacDonald was 19, in 1943, he joined the army. He was raped by a corporal and told to remain silent or else he would be murdered. It was shortly after this that MacDonald realized that he was a homosexual. After leaving the army, in 1947, MacDonald was diagnosed with schizophrenia and was sent to an asylum for 6 months where he received shock treatment daily. He moved to Australia in 1955, after consulting another psychiatrist about hearing voices in his head.

In the 1940’s homosexuality was considered to unacceptable and MacDonald received abuse from his coworkers and neighbors, causing him to change jobs and homes often. It is believed that his schizophrenia and his anger towards the people who were tormenting him caused him to be drawn towards committing murder.

All of MacDonald’s victims were males between the ages of 41 and 55. He would typically stab his victims, but there was one case in which he strangled a victim to death. The genitals of MacDonald’s victims were removed and then later disposed. All of his victims, with the exception of his last victim, was left at the scene of the crime for others to find. All of the victims had been lured to their death when MacDonald promised them alcohol.

In 1962, MacDonald became paranoid about his crimes and moved to Brisbane, leaving a body in his shop, which was located in Sydney. Police originally believed that the body, which was discovered in MacDonald’s shop, was MacDonald himself because of the advanced decomposition. There had even been a funeral service given for MacDonald. However, in 1963, MacDonald returned to Sydney and a friend recognized him and went to a reporter. Police discovered that the remains did not belong to MacDonald, but instead to Patrick James Hackett.

In May of 1963, MacDonald was arrested for murder. He claimed that he had an urge to murder men and felt as if he was getting revenge for being raped as a teenager. He was found guilty of 5 counts of murder and was sentenced to life in prison. He is the longest serving inmate in South Wales.

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