Yasin Khan

Yasin Khan was caught while driving an auto-rickshaw whose owner had been murdered. During questioning, he confessed to four murders.

Demographic Info

Last Name, FirstFirst Name, LastAKAVictimsSexEthnicityCountryTypeMotivationBirthDeath
Khan, YasinYasin KhanSando, Lambu Ibrahim KhanConfessed to 4MaleAsianIndiaTerritorialCriminal EnterpriseUnknownn/a

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Yasin Khan Arrested in Ahmedabad, India

on March 5th, 2011 in Serial Killers by | No Comments

Yasin Khan, who was driving an auto-rickshaw, was stopped Tuesday on a routine stop. The constable became suspicious when he found a driver’s license with the name Jaswant Singh in Khan possession. During questioning back at headquarters, Khan confessed to having hired Singh, the driver of the auto-rickshaw, ridden it…

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