Victims of Clifford Olson

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Christine Anne Weller
Twelve-year-old Christine was killed on November 17, 1980. Her body was found a month later. She had been strangled with a belt and stabbed in the torso numerous times.

Colleen Marian Daignault
Thirteen-year-old Colleen was killed on April 16, 1981.

Daryn Todd Johnsrude
Sixteen-year-old Daryn was killed on April 22, 1981. His body was found a couple of weeks later in a ditch. His head had been smashed in with a hammer.

Sandra Lynn Wolfsteiner
Sixteen-year-old Sandra is killed by having her head smashed in on May 19, 1981.

Ada Court
Thirteen-year-old Ada is killed on June 21, 1981.

Simon Partington
Nine-year-old Simon is strangled on July 2, 1981.

Judy Kozma
Fifteen-year-old Judy is raped and strangled on July 9, 1981. Olson stole her address book, called her friends, and said, “You’re next.”

Her body was recovered from Lake Weaver later in the month.

Raymond King, Jr.
Fifteen-year-old Raymond has his head bashed in with rocks on July 23, 1981. Olsen dumped his body of a steep, hillside trail.

Terri Lynn Carson
On July 27, 1981, Olson raped and strangled 15-year-old Terri.

Louise Chartrand
Olson battered Louise to death with a hammer on July 30, 1981.

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