Episode 023: Mutilation, Part 2

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Last week, we began exploring a question from Lalith about why serial killers mutilate their victims in different ways. We looked at a couple of psychological motivations, as well as mutilation for forensic countermeasures and trophy hunting.

This week, we continue (and conclude) this exploration. First up, cannibalism.

Mentioned: Marti Enriqueta, John Johnston, Albert Fish, Edmund Kemper, David Harker, Ilshat Kuzikov, Dorangel Vargas, Fritz Haarman, Georg Grossman, Joachim Kroll, Karl Denke, Jeffrey Dahmer, Andrei Chikatilo, Charles F. Albright

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“Serial Murderers and their Victims” by Eric W. Hickey
“The Serial Killer Files” by Harold Schechter
“Serial Killers: The Method and Madness of Monsters” by Peter Vronsky
“Serial Murder” by Holmes and Holmes
“The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers, Second Edition” by Michael Newton
“Profiling Violent Crimes: An Investigative Tool” by Holmes and Holmes
“Cannibal Killers” by Moira Martingale
“Assaultive Eye Injury and Enucleation” by Alexander O. Bukhanovsky, Anthony Hempel, Alan C. Brantley, and Alan R. Felthous.
“The Texas Eyeball Killer” by Katherine Ramsland and Gina Malatesta on TruTV.com

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