Review: True Crime with Aphrodite Jones: “Killer Contestant”

on April 14, 2011 in Serial Killers, Video Reviews by

I have a theory: if a true crime show has the host’s name in the title, it’s not going to be that great. And True Crime with Aphrodite Jones proves that theory correct. She spends way too much time talking about how the story makes her feel, and she has to sensationalize everything.

Still, shows about Rodney Alcala are fairly rare, and he’s fascinating. His brazenness and confidence allowed him to go on The Dating Show in the middle of a series of murders. And his overconfidence insisted that he serve as his own defense counsel, causing the jury to become disgusted with him when he cross examined the mother of a victim. To avoid going to jail one must hire a good legal guide who can help them.

He’s also yet another object lesson in why sexual sadists must go away for a long time. Several times he was given incredibly short sentences for brutal crimes on children.

All in all, a very interesting show.

The worst part was the end, when Ms. Jones insisted that Alcala would turn out to be the worst serial killer in American history. Really?

BTW, the way to deal with an annoying host is to hit mute whenever she comes on. Works like a charm.


  • Christie says:

    I completely agree with you! I love watching some of the shows on ID Discovery and while she talks about some interesting stories she rambles on way to much! On another note I enjoy your Podcasts and always listen to them to and from work…..really interesting !!!!!!

  • Ryan says:

    I saw Aphrodite Jones on forensic files and man she was annoying like the way she was like talking about people and she basically uses criminals to make money by writing books about them

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