Victims of Margie Velma Barfield

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Margie Velma Barfield confessed to killing 4 people, all of whom were close to her. Here are brief pieces of information about her victims.

Lillie Bullard
Lillie Bullard is Margie Velma Barfield’s mother. She was poisoned two months after her daughter took out a loan in her name and forged her signature. Many surmised that she was killed because overdue notices were starting to come in and Barfield didn’t want her to know that she had been using her name to take out loans. Her death was initially declared as a heart attack. She died in December 1974.

Dollie Edwards
Dollie Edwards is the wife of Montgomery Edwards, the man Barfield was tasked to take care of. Barfield poisoned her most likely because she hated Dollie’s being critical of her, and so she wouldn’t find out that Barfield had been forging checks in Montgomery’s name. She died from arsenic poisoning in March 1977.

John Henry Lee
Barfield was hired to become John Henry Lee’s live-in caretaker. She poisons him with arsenic so he would not discover that she had also been writing out checks in his name. His death in August 1977 was first declared as a heart attack.

Stuart Taylor
Barfield and Stuart Taylor began their relationship shortly after John Henry’s death, though they met when Barfield was still working for Dollie. She also steals Stuart’s checks and forges his signature to buy prescription meds. She also poisons Stuart to prevent him from finding out the truth. Like all of her victims, he was poisoned with Arsenic in December 1977. However, unlike the others, his autopsy revealed that he had died of poisoning, as opposed to a heart attack.

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