Victims of Betty Lou Beets

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Beets murdered two of her husbands with a handgun, and nearly killed two others. Below is all the information we have on them.

Doyle Wayne Baker
Beets’ fourth husband. The two met shortly after Beets divorced her third husband, and separated after only 7 weeks of marriage. Two years after their separation, Beets shoots Doyle in October 1981 and buries his body in their front yard.

Jimmy Don Beets
Jimmy and Betty got married on August 19, 1982. After only a year of marriage, Betty shoots Jimmy on August 6, 1893 and then sets his lake house on fire a year later.

Billy York Lane
Billy is Betty’s third husband and the first one she shot. The shooting, which happened on January 18, 1972, got Betty arrested and tried for attempted murder. Billy, however, admitted that Betty only shot him because he threatened her life first. Betty got off with an aggravated assault charge.

Ronnie Threkold
Betty’s fourth husband. She tried to run him over with her car within the first year of their marriage in 1978.

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  • Mandy says:

    There are two men listed as the 4th husband. Which one is correct? Also, One of the dates in the paragraph for Jimmy Don Beets seems to be incorrect. I believe the death date should be August 6, 1983 and not 1893.

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