Victims of Robert Berdella

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Robert Berdella drugged, raped, tortured and killed six of his victims (one successfully escaped). Here’s a list of his victims and information regarding their relationship to Berdella and the circumstances of their deaths.

Jerry Howell
Jerry was a 19-year old prostitute when he was drugged by Berdella on July 5, 1984. Berdella took pictures and wrote down on a log all the details of his torture. He died from asphyxiation the next day.

Robert Sheldon
An acquaintance of Berdella, Sheldon was first drugged on April 10, 1985. Berdella almost let Sheldon go, but the latter got inebriated, thus making it easy for Berdella to bound and keep him. On April 15, 1985, a roofer arrived to do some repair work and Berdella suffocated Sheldon to prevent the latter from catching the roofer’s attention. Berdella kept Sheldon’s skull and buried it in his backyard, then later unearthed it and kept it on display inside the house.

Mark Wallace
The two became acquainted when Mark assisted Berdella with some yard work. He was taken captive on June 22 1985, and died the next day from asphyxiation.

James Ferris
An acquaintance of Berdella’s. They met at a gay bar and Berdella invited him back to his house. He died of asphyxiation from the torture on September 27, 1985.

Todd Stoops
Todd is a male prostitute who has been a casual acquaintance of Berdella’s for two years prior to his abduction. Berdella tortured Todd for weeks until he died due to extreme blood loss on July 7 1986.

Larry Pearson
Berdella bailed his friend Larry out of prison on June 5 1987 and invited the latter to live in his house. The torture and drugging started on June 23. Berdella kept Larry in the basement for more or less 6 weeks until Larry bit Berdella’s penis. Berdella had to be admitted to the hospital, but he first suffocated and killed Larry on August 5. His body was disposed of 2 days later, when Berdella came back from his hospital stay.


  • Jackie says:

    Todd Stoops died on July 1, not July 7 of 1986. He was captured on June 17th of that year.

  • Kenya-Robinson says:

    I knew Todd Stoops very well. The story in the book about Todd described “somewhat” of what he had told me when he called me from Oklahoma; when I was looking for him. I didn’t know what was really going on until I read Todd’s part in the book, after my neighbor (our mutual friend) had told me that Todd had died. I was heart-broken.


    Horrendous. I never heard of this during the 1980s.

  • KIMBERLY gonzales says:

    I was a very good friend of one of the victims wife sister. Trying to locate her. Her 1st name is Darla. Trying to find my friend. Can anyone help me?

  • Sand says:

    My step brother was James Ferris. He was not gay but a drug addict that was married and had a child on the way.

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