Nolan Ray George Convicted of Gwendolyn Perry’s Murder

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An Oakland County, Michigan jury convicted Nolan Ray George of murder Thursday afternoon. George shared two six-packs of Pabst Blue Ribbon with Gwendolyn Perry, then strangled her with her hosiery. He had met the 36-year-old cashier from Pontiac that night in 1968.

George had committed, been convicted of, and served the sentences of two other murders since the first. He was released in 1992.

Oakland Country Prosecutor Jessica Cooper reopened the case of Gwendolyn’s murder. Perry, who was living in southern Ohio, was arrested and charged with Gwendolyn’s murder last summer. The trial lasted four days.

Said Mike Perry, the son of the victim:

I’ve learned that justice will prevail, even after 40-some odd years. I just wished they’d done it then so that a few lives would have been saved.

Mike was five years old at the time of his mother’s murder.

George remains a suspect in a number of additional murders.


  • Alisha says:

    One of the woman he was convicted of was my aunt. My mother is finally telling me the story she learned of her sisters murder when she was just a teenager in 1967.

    • River says:

      We are both connected to this case in unfortunate ways. I learned only yesterday via a cousins geneaology research that this terrible man is my 3rd cousin. Shocking to say the least. I am so sorry for what he did to your aunt.

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