Sonny Pierce Moved to Protective Custody

on April 29, 2011 in Serial Killers by

Sonny Pierce has been moved to protective custody in the Cook County Jail, after he told his attorney he felt threatened by his fellow inmates. He is being held without bail for the sexual assault and murder of several teenagers.

Even criminals have some sense of honor, and sexual offenders are typically not treated well.

Says Pierce’s attorney Nicholas Albukerk:

People have been getting in his face. It’s jail.

Pierce’s next court date is on May 9th.

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  • Derron Muhammad says:

    Not only are the guys in the Cook County Jail not going to treat him well, but they are going to hurt him very badly. Protective custody is not a pleasant part of the jail to be in but it is the safest place in there for someone who is charged with the types of crimes Mr Pierce is being charged with.

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