Victims of Warren James Bland

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Warren James Bland was linked to several crimes, however authorities were unable to come up with sufficient evidence to indict him except for one case. Below is a little bit of information about Bland’s sole confirmed victim.

Phoebe Ho
7-year old Phoebe was abducted on December 11, 1986. The body of the young girl from South Pasadena was found on December 18. She was raped and tortured before she was strangled to death.



  • Linda jackson says:

    Jim bland was my cousin. My mothers half sister Hava was Jims mother. I only met him once because my father told my mother never to let him come to our house again,That there was something wrong with him & he did not want him around my sister & I. When I asked him why he was so upset about him he said jim was wearing brute red socks
    & anyone who wore red socks was a fruitcake. About six months later he was arrested for the first time for rapping
    His first wife. I heard about his arrest over & over because of my aunt telling my mom.
    My aunt Hava was a very sweet quiet, kind, woman. Her whole life she spent working & trying to help her son.
    My mother said Jims father was a mean drunk & she thought that’s where his crazy came from.
    I don’t know why they kept letting him out. There is something truly wrong with our legal system.
    My dad with no one education knew Jim was nuts & dangerous, why didn’t the doctors lock him up
    & throw away the key Before he raped & killed a child. I am so sorry for all his victims & am so glad
    he is dead.

  • michael allerton says:

    This man (known to us as Jim Bland) grabbed me and tried to fondle me. I bit his hand and pummeled him in the face. He screamed like a bitch. I was only about seven.

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