Reports: NYPD Officer Among Last to Contact Gilgo Beach Victim

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We are beginning to understand why investigators in Suffolk County are looking at NYPD officers in the Gilgo Beach serial murders. One of the victims was contacted by an NYPD officer shortly before her death.

Maureen Brainard-Barnes of Norwich, CT, disappeared in 2007 from a 46th Street hotel in Manhattan. Investigators from Connecticut came to Manhattan and went through her computer.

They discovered that an NYPD officer, who lived on Staten Island at the time, was one of the last people to contact her through Craigslist.

That’s certainly a reason for suspicion!

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  • Brian Combs says:

    Ok, I’ve had a few hours to think on this. It does seem that a picture is coming into focus.

    However, if the story we’re hearing is correct, then investigators have been on to this guy for more than three years. Why haven’t they made a move on him before this?

    Either, he was cleared in the investigation, or they couldn’t definitively pin it on him. In either case, the plethora of physical evidence found over the last few months could change things.

    If/when things go down, I expect they’ll happen quickly.

    I’m reminded of the DC Sniper case. The window between their having viable suspects and making an arrest was just a few hours. Same thing with the Kensington Strangler.

  • Jane C says:

    The only reason Shannon Gilbert’s body was not wrapped in burlap and buried with the other four women was because she called for help and the killer knew he had to get rid of the body (possibly the ocean). I think just as Shannon Gilbert started this search, she will lead us to the killer. It was someone in that community, someone she met that night. Someone that has a boat and access to burlap. The murderer is living in Gilgo beach, I believe the concentration has to be focused right there. We know someone living there used Craigslist for sex. You could be sure this was not a one time event. Perhaps, Brewser was only a perverted sex addict, but there are other very suspicious people in that community. I do hope they catch and put this killer away before other young women are murdered.

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