Ramona Price may be a Victim of Mack Ray Edwards

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Ramona Price was a 7-year-old girl when she left her home one morning nearly fifty years ago. She planned to take a walk down a quiet street on the outskirts of Santa Barbara, California.

She was never seen again.

Now cold case investigators think she may have fallen pray to Mack Edwards. Police and cadaver dogs will work the area around a bridge spanning the 101 Freeway at Winchester Canyon Road. Edwards, a heavy equipment operator, was working on the bridge in the area around the time of Ramona’s disappearance. He also briefly lived with a friend only a quarter-mile away.

The bridge is currently being reconstructed, so it’s a perfect time to determine if Edwards buried Ramona’s body there.

Santa Barbara investigator Jaycee D. Hunter said:

The big thing is for us not to miss this opportunity. We would be stupid not to do it.

Edwards confessed to murdering six children before hanging himself in San Quentin in 1971. Investigators believe he may have killed as many as twenty children.

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