Victims of Anna Marie Hahn

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Hahn has been charged with the murders of five people. We currently have information on all of her victims.

Ernst Kohler

Ernst was poisoned on May 6, 1933.

Albert Parker

72 year old Albert was murdered soon after Hahn began to take care of him. She supposedly owed him $1000.

Albert Palmer

Almer was murdered on Marh 26, 1937. Autopsy reports he died due to arsenic poisoning.

Jacob Wagner

Jacob was murdered on June 3, 1937. Autopsy shows that he died due to arsenic poisoning.

George Gsellman

George was murdered on July 6, 1937. His death was caused by metallic poison.


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  • Elton Davis says:

    Georg Obendoerfer was the last to be killed by her. He was my great-grandfather and he lived in Cincinnati as did myself and most of my family. His death was the one that helped authorities arrest her; and, as a result, she was executed in Ohio for his and other unfortunate souls’ deaths. Details of these events are available at:

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