Is a Serial Killer Hunting Interstate 80?

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In mid-April, 86-year-old Reno resident Patrick Carnes disappeared. He was last seen alive when he was pulled over a few miles east of Wells, Nevada on Interstate 80. According to the officer who pulled him over, Patrick appeared to be caravanning with a 18-wheeler.

His car was found abandoned 20 miles east of Winnemucca. Investigators believe it was dumped there, as it was on the wrong side of the road from the direction he had been going when pulled over.

Humboldt County Undersheriff Curtis Kull says the car of Judith Casida was found in the same spot five years earlier:

She has never been found since.

In addition, a young man disappeared along I-80 near Dugway in May and an elderly hitchhiker disappeared in April in Humbolt County. Kull believes these cases may be related.

The operating theory seems to be that a trucker, perhaps a husband and wife team, may be cruising Interstate 80 as thrill killers.

The truck driver seen with Patrick, whose rig was caught on the patrolman’s dashboard camera, is being sought for questioning.


  • Gregg Newman says:

    The person missing near Subway was not close to I-80 he was in a friends car 50+ miles south I-80 he was a soldier at Subway army base and is believed to have left the area AWOL. He was on a dirt road south of the base no where close to I-80. The soldier had problems with drugs.

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