Victims of David Alan Gore

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David Alan Gore has been charged with the murders of six people. We currently have information on all of his victims.

Ying Ling 

Ying, 17 years old, was was murdered with her mother, Hisang Ling, on February 19, 1981.

Hisang Ling

48 year old Hisang was murdered with her daughter, Ying Ling, on February 19, 1981.

Judy Kaye Daley

Judy, 35 years old, was strangled to death on July 15, 1981.

Angelica Lavallee

14 year old Angelica was murdered on May 20, 1983.

Barbara Byer

Barbara, age 14, was murdered on May 20,1983.

Lynn Elliot

17 year old Lynn was murdered on July 26, 1983.


  • chad black says:

    i am from indian river county all my life david gore needs to be put to death instead of wasting tax payers money hes one sick sob

  • Pamela Corbeil says:

    Gore needs to die. How many more millions are we going to spend on this “admitted” killer of the innocent. He has more rights than the victims; as do all killers. This insanity must stop. I am friends of the family of the girl that was with Lynn Elliot that gruesome day and this has taken its toll on all involved; EXCEPT GORE. GORE MUST DIE

    • Brian Combs says:

      And he almost certainly will die on or around April 12th of this year. I’d be very surprised if there was an emergency stay at this point.

      • Pamela Corbeil says:

        If so may he burn in hell. If not; may our society burn in hell. This is a very sick person who as has admitted his guilt. Why are the taxpayers supporting him and his appeals. He needs to go away! He has caused so much harm to so many. Why does he still breath?

        • Brian Combs says:

          This is just my opinion, but it’s good that the system is slow. There are too many chances for mistakes.

          I live in Austin, Texas, and we’re in the midst of a case were a guy was just freed from prison after serving nearly 25 years in prison. Michael Morton was convicted of killing his wife in 1987, but DNA evidence just connected another man to the crime, and freed Morton.

          What if he had been given the death penalty and executed? It’s hard to take that back.

          Yes, in Gore’s case, there’s no question of his guilt, but governmental systems don’t handle flexibility well, unfortunately.

          And I’d rather see a guilty man rot on death row a bit longer than have an innocent man executed.

  • Pamela Corbeil says:

    Yes, I agree there are many on death row that I am sure are innocent. But for those who have admitted and were convicted with no doubt; why waste the money. Where do the victims rights come into play when such a clean cut case is dragged on for decades? Where is the justice for them?

  • Brian Combs says:

    Just a quick update, the Florida Supreme Court is hearing an appeal from David Alan Gore today.

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