Episode 040: Modus Operandi, Ritual Behavior, and Signature

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Charles Albright removed the eyeballs of his victims.

The Zodiac Killer signed his letters with a distinctive mark that included a cross and a circle.

Richard Ramirez drew Satanic pentagrams on the walls of his victims’ homes, and sometimes on their bodies.

The Boston Strangler tied his ligatures into birthday ribbon bows.

And in fiction, Buffalo Bill put a Death’s head Hawk Moth in his victim’s throats.

Less obviously, Ted Kaczynski made repeated references to nature and wood in his letters.

Paul Bernardo videotaped his rapes of young, wholesome girls, and would script what they said, with instructions like “I’m the king” or “Call me master”.

Few things in either true crime or crime fiction capture the public’s awareness like the idea of a serial killer’s signature. It’s said to be a killer’s calling card, a window into the murderer’s deep-seated, and perhaps even unknown, motivations and psychopathy.

Rarely does an episode of Criminal Minds go by that we’re not shown a killer’s signature, with a detailed monologue from a BAU team member explaining how this provides an insight into the unsub’s motivations.

But what is the truth about offender signatures?

Plus, Odds and Ends is now a regular feature!

Discussed in this Episode: Charles Albright, Richard Ramirez, Ted Kaczynski, Paul Bernardo, Nathaniel Code Jr., Harvey Glatman, Timothy Wilson Spencer, Gary Ridgway, Albert DeSalvo, William Lester Suff, Jack the Ripper, David Berkowitz, Zodiac Killer, Albert Fish, John Allen Muhammad, Lee Boyd Malvo, Gilgo Beach Serial Killer

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