Victims of Andrew Cunanan

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Andrew Cunanan is thought to be involved in the murders of five people. We currently have information on all of his victims.

Jeffrey Trail 

Jeffery was found murdered on April 25, 1997 in Minneapolis.

David Madson

David was found murdered in Minnesota on April 29, 1997.

Lee Miglin

Lee, 72 years old, was found murdered in Chicago on May 4, 1997.

William Reese

45 year old William was found murdered on May 9, 1997 in New Jersey.

Gianni Versace

Gianni was murdered on July 15, 1997.

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  • Guest says:

    He was paranoid and affected with drugs. His sugar daddies (Norman Blachford) did not give him money anymore. Like Erik Greenman said: “I saw more of him than anyone else did. He only let people see a certain side of him, which is the charming side, the entertainer side, the friendly, almost big brother side. I saw the down side at home, going through drugs and depression.”

    He was a big liar and dealed with hard drugs. This is why Jeffrey Trail broke up with him.

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