Victims of William K. Sapp

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William K. Sapp was charged with the murders of three people and is suspected of murdering a fourth person. We currently have information on all of his known victims and suspected victim.

Shirley Ogden

Shirley is suspected to have been murdered on  April 14, 1981.

Martha Leach

11 year old Martha was raped and murdered on August 22, 1992. She was murdered with her friend Phree Morrow

Phree Morrow

12 year old Phree was raped and murdered on August 22, 1992. She was murdered with her friend Martha Leach.

Belinda Anderson

31 year old Belinda was murdered between 1993 and 1995.


  • STU says:

    William Sapp actually killed 4. The first one was in Florida.That investigation along with a rape and attempted muder he was in jail for broke the other 3 open. Plus he claims there more victims out there. but 4 definate right now.

  • Brian Combs says:

    Can you point to a source on that? Everything I’m looking at says three confirmed.

  • Ariel says:

    i just read the book, it was 4 but in this case he only got sentenced for the 3. The other was in Florida. He committed to it in the interviews. If your interested in this case you should read the book. Hometown killer by Carol J. Rothgeb.

  • Family To Phree & Martha says:

    This Was My Family I Was Never Born To See My Dads Best friends Which Were Phree & Martha Which Were His Cousins To Its Sad This Happened I’m Glad Sapp Got The Death Sentence But The Others Who Were Involved Walk The Streets That’s Nasty What If They Strike Again .! They Needed The Death Sentence Too That’s What I Honestly Believe. “

  • amy says:

    I esp think the old women who after puree said I want my daddy, that B told the they needed to finish her cause she was still alive, & to top it off she told that story to the news not the cops

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