Victims of Pedro Rodrigues Filho

on January 1, 2010 in Serial Killers, Victimology by

Pedro Rodrigues Filho was convicted of murdering seventy-one people, but is thought to be involved in over one hundred murders. We currently do not have information on any of his victims.


  • Ashley says:

    I am confused. I read that Pedro was released on these charges on April 4,2007 but was later arrested on different charges. This says he is still serving time on those charges and is due to be released in 2017.

  • HawleyWood says:

    I think he should be roamimg around he’s not normal serial killer its not sexual or a predator thing with him kes killed scumbags killers dopedealer and gankster that have all caused him or someone he cares about harm or accused em of things he dint do he’s like the brizzilain batman or punisher lol street justice may not be allways the right justice but it justice when the system don’t do its job.

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