Review: Twisted, “The Meanest Man in America”

on October 5, 2011 in Serial Killers, Video Reviews by

Mrs. SK Podcast and I continued our seeming marathon of true crime television last night. This time, it was an episode of Twisted called “The Meanest Man in America” (which we actually recorded Friday night).

This episode profiled Donald Gaskins, who terrorized South Carolina in the 1970’s.

To be honest, we found the episode to be too high level. There was very little actual detail given.

Granted, much of Gaskins story would be too gruesome for commercial television, but they could have gone deeper.

The interviews with Gaskins’ daughter were interesting, as were the comments by criminologists David Wilson and Louis B. Schleshinger, and forensic psychologist Helen Morrison, but there certainly could have been more.

We’ll be profiling Gaskins soon on the Serial Killers Podcast, so you’ll be able to get all the detail you want there.

This coming Friday’s episode of Twisted is on David Berkowitz, so I’ll give the show another chance then.

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  • Debbie Roland says:

    I remember pee wee gaskins coming to my father’s shop. He drove an old herst. My father owned a car lot and would occasionally cook supper for whomever showed up. Pee Wee came on occasion. He would talk about some of the murders but no one believed him. Everyone thought he was exxagerating.

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