Victims of John Norman Collins

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John Norman Collins was charged with the murder of one person, but is thought to have murdered eight of more people. We currently have information on the victim he was convicted of killing and the additional eight murders he is suspected of being involved in.

Mary Fleszar

19 year old Mary’s remains were found on August 7, 1967. She had been missing since July 18. Mary was stabbed 30 or 40 times 2 miles north of Ypsilanti.

Eileen Adams 

Eileen, age 13, was murdered in January, 1968. She had been raped and strangled and beaten with a hammer. When her remains were found she had a three inch nail hammered into her skull.

Joan Schell

Joan, age 2o, was murdered on July 7, 1968. She had been raped and was stabbed to death.

Jane Louise Mixer 

Jane, age 13, was murdered on March 21, 1969. She had been raped, beaten and was stabbed to death.

Maralynn Skelton

Maralynn’s remains were found on March 25, 1969 in the same construction site as Louise Mixer’s remains were found. She had been raped and was beaten to death.

Dawn Basom

Dawn, age 13, was murdered on April 15, 1969. She had been raped, had her breasts cut off and was strangled to death.

Alice Kalom 

Alice’s remains were found on June 9, 1969. She had been shot in the head, raped, stabbed multiple times and her throat had been cut.

Roxie Phillips

17 year old Roxie’s remains were found on July 13, 1969. She had been missing for two weeks. When discovered she had been strangled to death.

Karen Sue Beineman

Karen’s remains were found on July 27, 1969. She had been raped, beaten and strangled to death.


  • Citychick says:

    I knew him. I lived in the area. He had me in his site to kill on several occasions. His brother in law suspected; Arnie suspected; I too, suspected – which is why I never went with him on for a “motor cycle ride” for only 20 minutes. I always let him know that people were waiting for me.

    He killed more than 7 or 8 women. More like over 20. He began killing at the age of 16. The Detroit area had many unsolved murders of young women whose bodies were left along side a road he frequently used between his home and the Ohio border. The police are protecting their back sides because they screwed up. This was a first for them. Initially, it was believed the Boston Strangler was responsible. The “MO’s” were similar. They never really knew if they caught the “right” guy. If you want to know what John did to these women – read the “Boston Strangler”. He was violent.

  • DimensionX says:

    Wouldn’t The Michigan Murders be a better book to read? I read this book – twice, in fact – and it was quite good. Collins was VERY violent. (I’m glad I DIDN’T know the guy – and so glad you were unharmed!)

  • Mag says:

    Collins is an evil person to the core. I hope the prison he is in tortures him every second of his life.

  • Strange to call it the co-ed murders when most of his victims were 13 to 17 years old.

  • I feel sorry for the people of Michigan who are still paying taxes to support
    this guys useless hide in prison. I am currently living in Minnesota but lived
    in the area at the time Collins was on his three year rampage.

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