Victims of Sante Kimes

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Sante Kimes was charged for murdering two people, but is thought to have murdered an additional three. We currently have information on all of her known and one of her suspected murders.

Elmer Holmgren 

Elmer was murdered on February 8, 1991. He was hit in the head with a hammer and his remains were never found. Kimes is thought to have been involved in the murder of Elmer.

Syed Bilal

Syed is thought to have been murdered September 4, 1996. He disappeared after have dinner with Sante.

David Kazdin

David was shot to death on March 13, 1998.

Irene Silverman

Irene was shot in the head with a stun gun and strangled to death on June 5, 1998.

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