Victims of Peter Kürten

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Peter Kürten was known to have murdered nine people, but is suspected of being involved in sixty murders. We currently have information on nine of his victims.

Christine Klein

Christine, age 10, was strangled to death in 1913.

Rosa Ohliger

Rosa was 8 years old and murdered on February 8, 1929.

Unknown Mechanic

This mechanic was stabbed to death on February 13, 1929.

Gertrude Hamacher

Gertrude, age 5, was murdered with her sister, Louise Lenzen, August 21, 1929.

Louise Lenzen

Louise, age 14, was murdered with her sister, Gertrude Hamacher, on August 21, 1929.

Unknown Woman

This woman was stabbed to death on August 24, 1929.

Ida Reuter

Ida was beaten to death with a hammer in September 1929.

Elizabeth Dorrier

Elizabeth was murdered on October 12, 1929.

Gertrude Albermann

This 5 year old girl was murdered on November 7, 1929.

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