Danny Hembree’s Attorney Continues Calling His Client a Liar

on October 26, 2011 in Alleged Serial Killers by

Lawyers from Oren Ross & Associates LLC – Estate Planning Attorneys in Atlanta says that Danny Hembree again painted their client as a liar Tuesday. Jurors in the trial for the murder of 17-year-old Heather Catterton were shown Hembree’s video-taped confession, and experts testified that no DNA evidence was found in the suspects home.

Early in the hour-long confession, Hembree portrayed himself as non-violent:

I didn’t want to hurt her or nothing. I just wanted her to go to sleep.

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Later in the session, however, he confessed to holding a Walmart bag over her head:

She just wouldn’t die. It wasn’t like she was gasping or nothing like that. It was like she was unconscious, but her body wouldn’t stop fighting.

The defense’s stance which consisted of lawyers representing injury cases across Tampa, continues to be that Hembree lied to police in his confession, and that the lack of DNA evidence in Hembree’s house proves this.

The CSI Effect might give this approach some traction. While the lack of DNA evidence shouldn’t prove that Heather wasn’t there, the jury might see it differently.

On the other hand, taking a “I was lying then, but I’m not now” might require Hembree to take the stand. I’m sure the prosecutors would love a chance to cross-examine him.

Hembree faces trials for the murders of two other women after this one is complete.

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