Victims of Randall Woodfield

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Randall Woodfield was charged with the murders of four people, but it is estimated that he murdered between eighteen and forty-four people. We currently have information on ten of his victims.

Cherie Ayers

Cherie was stabbed to death on October 9, 1980.

Darci Fix

Darci was shot to death in November of 1980. She was murdered with her friend Doug Altric.

Doug Altic 

Doug was hot to death in November of 1980. He was murdered with his friend Darci Fix.

Shari Hull

Shari was murdered on January 18, 1981.

Donna Eckard

Donna, age 37, was murdered on February 3, 1981. She was murdered with her daughter.

Donna Eckard’s Daughter

Donna Eckard’s daughter, age 14, was murdered on February 3, 1981. She was murdered with her mother, Donna Eckard.

Julie Reitz

Julie was shot to death on February 15, 1981 in Oregon.

Sylvia Durante

Sylvia, age 21, was strangled to death in December of 1979 in Seattle.

Marsha Weatter 

19 year old Marsha’s remains were found in May 1980. She was found with her friend Kathy Allen.

Kathy Allen

18 year old Kathy’s remains were found in May 1980. She was found with her friend Marsha Weatter.


  • Carole says:

    Sylvia Durante’s murder was committed by someone else as solved through DNA and should be removed from this list.

  • David Mayes says:

    Shari Hull was a personal friend when she worked at Intel in Aloha, Oregon. I was shocked to read about her murder a year later. I wish I could find a photo of her and to locate her mother, who was a general aviation flight instructor in Salem at that time.

    • linda says:

      I also can’t find a photo of Shari Hull. I worked with a Shari Hull in 1977-1978 as cocktail waitresses in Salem, Oregon. I’d like to find a photo to know if it’s the same lady from the Pepper Tree Restaurant & Lounge. She was a very good person and my friend. I lost touch with her after she quit working there.

  • Tom says:

    Shari Hull’s picture is on the net…just Google her name.

  • David Mayes says:

    Thank you for the tip on a photo of Shari. Shari had a very open and caring personality, and good values. Even as a temporary employee at Intel, she touched many people with her good nature. Only 19 at the time, I hope that I gave back to her, with no one knowing what was to come. Rest in peace, Shari. You are fondly remembered by some you barely knew.

  • David Mayes says:

    The photos of a “Shari Hull” found on the Web, are not the person I knew who was murdered by Randall Woodfield.

  • Erin Mauck says:

    I miss my friend Darci. She was brave, smart and full of the celebration of life. We should be riding our horses together this day.

  • David Mayes says:

    I tried to watch the “made for TV” film, adapted from Ann Rule’s book, “The I5 Killer.” I couldn’t watch it. The actors playing Shari Hull and “Beth” bore zero resemblance to their appearance or personalities. Very shallow depiction of the events. Shari Hull was a very close personal friend. I prefer to remember her as I knew her, a very caring, wonderful young person.

  • Kevin Becker says:

    I remember back in the early 80s a friend and I were roadside selling apples in the fall and winter,and cherries in summer all along the I-5 corridor and the WA & OR coasts.Those murders were big news most little towns we sold at.I remember there were also a lot more young girls missing at that time,and unsolved assaults.I can only think he may have been involved now that they say Woodfield may be responsible for up to 60 murders.I remember praying everyday back then for those girls.

  • Anna C says:

    I want know WHY RANDALL WOODFIELD DIDNT GET THE DEATH PENALTY ?? Can someone please explain that to me ???? You kill a dozen people (that we know of) and he gets 3 hots and a cot ???!!! WTF !!!!!

    • Dahne says:

      The Death Penalty was not available as punishment during the times he committed these crimes. A moratorium was in place in Oregon.

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