Victims of Ronald Dominique

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Ronald Dominique was charged for murdering eight men, but is thought to have murdered over twenty-three people. We currently have information on nine of his victims.

David Levron Mitchell

David is thought to be Mitchell’s first victim. His remains were found in 1997.

Gary Pierre

Gary, age 20, was murdered in 1997.

Larry Ranson

Larry’s remains, age 38, were found in July of 1998.

Oliver Lebanks 

Oliver’s remains, age 27, were discovered on October 5, 1998.

Manuel Reed

Manual’s remains, age 19, were discovered on May 30, 1999.

Christopher Sutterfield

Christopher’s remains, age 27, were discovered on October 15, 1998.

Kurt Cunningham

Kurt was one of Dominique’s victims.

Chris Deville

Chris was one of Dominique’s victims.

Wayne Smith

Wayne was one of Dominique’s victims.


  • I used to live in Houma, Louisiana. There is another serial killer out in that area living in the trailer park of Hwy.1, and his name is Kevin Campbell. He is the killer who dumped all of his women in the West Bank. He tried to kill me and but for the Grace of God, I am still alive. While he was strangling me, he said he was going to do to me what he did to “those in the West Bank”, and no one will listen to me, so here is another outlet to try and get someone to listen.

    • Rod Lacy says:

      Wow…. are you serious? I saw your post then googled Kevin Campbell in Louisiana. Someone by that name was convicted of murder in 2012. Same guy? A biker.

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