Victims of Kenneth Erskine

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Kenneth Erskine was charged for murdering seven people, but is thought to be involved in four other murders. We currently have information on all of his known victims.

Eileen Emms

Eileen, age 78, was murdered on April 9 1986.

Janet Cockett

Janet, age 67, was murdered on June 9, 1986.

Valentine Gleim 

Valentine, age 84, was murdered on June 28, 1986.

Zbigniew Strabawa

Zbigniew, age 94, was murdered on June 28, 1986.

William Carmen

William, age 84, was murdered on July 8, 1986.

William Downes

William, age 74, was murdered on July 21, 1986.

Florence Tisdall

Florence, age 83, was murdered on July 23, 1986.

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