Victims of Thomas Kokoraleis

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Thomas Kokoraleis is thought to have been involved in a gang that was responsible for the murders of eighteen people. We currently have information on eight of their alleged victims.

Linda Sutton

Linda, age 21, was murdered around June of 1981.

Unidentified Woman

A woman, age 35, was murdered on February 12, 1982.

Unidentified Woman

A woman was murdered and discovered in February of 1982.

Lorraine Borowski

Lorraine was murdered in May of 1982.

Shui Mak

Shui was murdered on May 29, 1982.

Sandra Delaware

Sandra was murdered in August of 1982.

Carol Pappas

Carol, age 42, was murdered in August of 1982.

Rose Beck Davis

Rose, age 30, was murdered in August of 1982.

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