Victims of Genene Jones

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Genene Jones was charged with the murder of one infant and the attempted murder of another. Although she was only formally charged with one murder, it is believed that she was involved in between eleven to forty-six different murders. We currently have information on the victim she was charged with murdering and one additional murder.

Christopher Hogeda

Christopher, ten-months old, died in 1981. Jones is thought to be the cause of his death.

Chelsea Mclenen

Chelsea, 15 months old, was murdered in September of 1982. This is the only murder that Jones was charged with.


  • Armando Hogeda says:

    I hear that she is up for parole. Who in their right mind would let this woman go free. She needs to complete the 150+ years that she was sentenced to serve. In other words, she needs to die(rot) in prison for taking the life of so many. Infants, that could not defend themselves, that for an unfortunate reason happened to be put in the ICU that Jones was working in. May she burn in hell.

  • Brian Fonner says:

    Her possible release is OUTRAGEOUS, if not me, should someone start a petition on Move on’s sign on petition to who?…governor/parole board to stop this? If someone can help/guide me, I will do this!

  • erm says:

    Jose Estrada died on June 15 1981 3:57 pm, records shows she was present at the time of his death. JOnes is also responsible for his death.

  • jeffrey villela says:

    I myself was a victim of this horrible individual going up always knowing that she would eventually come out haunted me because I know that I wasn’t the only one who suffered it breaks my heart to know that this lady will see the light of day as a free woman. I have now joined certain groups and we’ll be doing everything possible to make sure that she remains were she belongs if you read this please send me your blessings and prayers in memory of all the lost and injured infants.

  • Jill says:

    Jones has been indicted on 5 additional murders.

    She was sentenced to the 99 and 60 years to be run concurrently (not consecutively)… and because of a law at the time of her sentencing, she was mandated to be released on parole in March 2018. That law has since been amended to exclude violent offenders/murderers.

    During the investigation at the hospital where she worked (Bexar County ), the CDC came up with 48 names of babies that she is considered to have killed, and add Chelsea McClellan in Kerrville- for 49 murders.

    She was CONVICTED of (not just charged with) the death of Chelsea McCLellan …. and injury to Rolando Santos, for poisoning him with the blood thinner heparin.

    “The Death Shift” is a great resource.

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