Victims of Allan Grimson

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Allan Grimson was charged for murdering two men, but is thought to have committed one or two more. We currently have information on his two known victims and one suspected victim.

Nicholas Wright

Nicholas, age 18, was murdered on December 12, 1997.

 Sion Jenkins

Sion, age 20, was murdered in December 1998.

Simon Parkes

Simon, age 18, was murdered on December 12, 1986. Grimson was never formally charged with this murder.



  • jimwalker says:

    i served with alan on hms hermes. I named him frank.

    • I also knew frank when he served alongside my first husband Keith Wyles on the hermes.he was also best man at our wedding in 1981(roughly).I still to this day cannot understand what he,s done, when I knew him,he was really funny,lovely personality and always polite.he never mentioned anything homosexual and came to stay with us in our first married quarter in Gosport,all I can say was that I never found anything “dark” about will have to message me on facebook as I cant get into my emails.

      • Darrell Brown says:

        Hello, I was hoping that I could speak to you briefly about your message – i’m doing some research into Allan Grimson and the crimes he’s both convicted and accused of. email:
        Many thanks,

    • "Tich" Bartlett says:

      I also served with Frank and went ashore with him in foreign ports, also had a few parties at my house where he was present. Good job I’m an ugly git !

  • Tom Mallan says:

    Served on Illustrious with the sadistic bastard. I was a Radio Operator and one of my mates, Simon Parkes, went missing in Gibraltar on Dec 16th 1982. Grimson killed him, I am sure of it and just wish he would admit it, tell police where is body is, so his mother can have some closure. If he continues to play cat and mouse with Police over it I hope he dies a slow and painful death behind bars

  • Stephen salt says:

    I joined Hms Ganges 11th of November 1975
    And remember Alan grimson was standing in the cupboard way
    Were they made him class leader , he was shouting class hoe ! I remember looking at him
    Only 16 , but looked 30ish.
    He probably joined aweek or so before me , scary looking character.

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