Victims of Charles Ray Hatcher

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Charles Ray Hatcher was charged with the murder of two people, but is thought to have been involved in the murders of fourteen other people. We currently have information on five of his victims.

Jerry Tharrington

Jerry, who was located at the same prison as Hatcher, was murdered on July 2, 1961.

Unidentified Boy

An unidentified boy was murdered on August 27, 1969 in Antioch, California. He had been strangled to death.

Eric Christgen

Eric, age 4, was murdered on May 27, 1978 in Missouri. Hatcher was found guilty of murdering Eric.

James L. Churchill

James was murdered on June 20, 1981. He had been stabbed to death.

Michelle Steele 

Michelle, age 11, was murdered on July 29, 1982. Hatcher was found guilty of Michelle’s murder.


  • Ashley says:

    On July 2, 1961, inmate Jerry Tharrington was found raped and stabbed to death on the prison’s kitchen loading dock

    On August 27, 1969, Hatcher confessed to abducting a 12-year-old boy named William Freeman
    On August 29, 1969, six-year-old Gilbert Martinez

    On May 26, 1978, four-year-old Eric Christgen disappeared

    Hatcher confessed to three murders, including that of Eric Christgen
    On July 29 11-year-old Michelle Steele, beaten and strangled to death

  • Kathy Churchill says:

    May you rot in hell for killing my sweet Uncle Jimmy

  • Michelle Payne says:

    Did he murder my first cousin? . Vicki Lynn miner. October,30,1970. At Buena park? She was only 16 yrs old at the time. 47 yrs unsolved is a long time! Thank you. Michelle Payne.

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