Victims of Donald Miller

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Don Miller was charged for murdering four people. We currently have information on all of his known victims.

Martha Sue Young

Martha was murdered in 1976.

Marita Choquette 

Marita, age 28, was murdered in June of 1978.

Wendy Bush

Wendy, age 21, was murdered in June of 1978.

Kristine Stuart 

Kristine, age 30, was murdered in August of 1978.



  • Arnold Wiffle says:

    twenty or so years ago i got into some trouble. ended up in prison for 20 months. I had the opportunity to meet Donald Miller while incarcerated. he had gotten into religion and as I talked to him I looked into his eyes. you could see the craziness in his eyes. the man has problems. I will never forget seeing him for those few months that we were in the same place.

  • Maki says:

    I worked at a prison that held Donny Miller. He was not a big guy. He had coke bottle glasses and mousy brown hair. He pretended to find religion. Carried a bible around all the time. He used that to get his parole. If you were around him your hair would stand on end. You could feel the craziness off of him. Most inmates didn’t want to bunk with him and he had no friends. A guard I worked with use to push his buttons. I was in the yard and watched Donny get angry. He stated that when he was released he’s start the killing process again. I know he has paroled. God help the community he is in.

  • Scott says:

    I talked with an old band teacher yesterday and we talked about Don and he played trombone in the band we were in…
    I was just shocked to find out some details of his home life. No wonder he went off the deep end pretty sad..

  • Mary says:

    He has not been paroled, but he is up for parole in 2017. Sign a petition or send in letters to keep him there. Check out articles from the Lansing State Journal.

    My mom was friends with the mother of his victim Martha Sue Young and I knew her mother who was the first Mary Kay Director in Michigan who wrote a book on the murder and her daughter who was once engaged to her killer. Sue Young has since died and she attended every hearing that was put in the courts and years ago she had a letter campaign to the representatives of the state of Michigan to keep him in there. I helped her stuff envelopes and stamp them. PLEASE DO NOT LET HIM OUT!!!

  • Michael Kane says:

    I was wondering if he had been granted parole, so I decided to see what I could find out. I have more than one connection somewhat to donald miller. I had ms Stuart as an English teacher at Gardner middle school in 8th grade. I was in 9th grade when she was murdered and they found her body by the school if I remember correctly. Well, many years to by and go to prison myself. My brothers and I had gained a reputation and in fact, if you look at issues of the lansing state journal in the years of 1986-87, you will find articles regarding me and my half brother Ron johnson. He escaped from the Ingham county jail and I was convicted of bank, safe robbery for burglarizing the evidence room at the sheriff’s department. Anyway, I go to prison and in 1989 went to Kinross correctional facility. I was on the walking track with an acquaintance and walked around this odd seeming individual who was trying to talk to people about God and was carrying a bible. We walked around him and my friend asked, “you know who that is?” I answered of course not, as he told me. When I realized who it was, the way I felt in the 9 th grade when hearing about ms Stuart came back to me and I turned around and went back to Don and went off on him. Calling him a piece of crap, warned him to stay away from me and told him he killed my 8th grade teacher and a few other expletives. Years later, in 1995-96 i was working on the prison newspaper staff as was Don, though we never worked “together”. I served almost 18 yrs between 1987-2007. My half brother served 27 yrs straight for burglary and escape. My younger brother Brian Kane is now serving 30-50yrs for burglary and possession.

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