Photos from Oakland County Child Killer Suspect’s Suicide Scene

on January 12, 2012 in Forensics, Unsubs by

Yesterday, I reported on developments in the Oakland County Child Killer case. One of the developments was that the family of one of the victims has released photos from the suicide of suspect Christopher Busch.

Now we have the photos.

Several of them have portions blackened out. I assume that these are blocking out the pictures of Busch.

Sorry, if you want uncensored crime scene porn, you’ll have to look elsewhere.


  • Josh Ochoa says:

    The area where this man’s body is lying seems to be wrapped up somewhat tightly in a blanket or blankets. Was that the way he was found? Would it be unusual for the police or someone else to find this man deceased in a suicide and then wrap him tightly in one of his own blankets or bedspreads just for the purpose of photographing otherwise wouldnt they just put him in a body bag? Or how unusual would it be for someone that is ending their life to wrap themselves up while they were about to shoot themselves with a long gun?

  • Wayde says:

    I cannot find any information about how tall Christopher Busch was, enabling him to use a long gun to commit suicide.

  • Jay says:

    Not one crime scene photo uncensored. Talk about a cover up…

  • Michelle Pavsner says:

    For a shotgun blast to the head-one would assume there would be a lot of blood splatter..especially on white sheets..???

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