Possible Serial Killer at Nariman Point, Mumbai, India

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Investigators in Mumbai, India believe a serial killer may be hunting children in the Nariman Point section of the city.

The body of three-year-old Karishman Chavan was foundnear the Nariman Point Fire Brigade Depot on Wednesday evening, after going missing the day before.

This was less then twenty feet from where the body of three-and-a-half-year-old Jagruti Patel was found in November 2011. Jagruti had also been kidnapped and then killed later.

In both cases, the cause of death has been determined to be trauma from multiple head wounds. A blood stained rock was found a few feet from Karishma’s body and is believed to be the murder weapon.

Little crime scene information has been given, but the weapon of opportunity suggests a disorganized unsub. On the other hand, the extended time line of the crime (kidnapping and then killing later), suggests a more organized offender.

The extended time line also suggests that the unsub may be a mysoped, a sadistic pedophile, although it has not been revealed whether the victims were tortured.

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