Victims of Terilynn Wager

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Terilynn Wager was charged for murdering nine people. At the time of her murder series she was 14 years old, a minor, and so the names of her victims have not been released to the public.



  • Kristen Shull says:

    I was wondering if you knew anything of where to find more information about Terilynn Wager. The book is a ways out of my price range but I would be interested to find out anything more. Thanks!

  • Kim says:

    I don’t think Terilynn Wade is real. I think the entire thing was made up to sell books. I could not find any information anywhere that a young girl killed her family and was charged as a minor. Where are the victims? Who are they and where are they buried? If this did take place it would have been all over the news and internet. If it occurred before the internet it still would have made the paper or TV. I mean come on a young girl kills 9 people and the entire thing is covered up and the court docs are sealed. I don’t think so. This would be more sensationalized than Casey Anthony. JMO

    • Laura says:

      She was only charged with killing 4. All names were changed to protect the innocent and the guilty. Her grandfather was a Federal Judge, so everything was expunged after she served 4 yrs. Very wealthy people can “sweep things under the rug.” Believe it or not, nonfiction or fiction, I enjoyed the book.I guess we will never know.

    • A.J, says:

      There are literally countless, COUNTLESS instances of young girls murdering their parents, siblings, neighbors. You obviously didn’t do your homework sweetheart. Back up and try again later ditz. The names were not published. Do you know what that means? It means no one besides the officers on point know the names. And they are not talking. Hurry, quick, make another ignorant half asses assumption, before the boogeyman gets you.

  • Tara says:

    I looked up the book on Amazon to read the review, and it states “Under applicable juvenile offender laws, the records of Terilynn’s crimes were sealed by the courts.” If that were the case we wouldn’t know ANYTHING about any of the other crimes and murders committed by other minors. I cannot find any information on this person at all. She’s not even on Wikipedia. I am having a difficult time believing that Terilynn even existed at all, let alone committed these 9 murders she is claiming she did all before the age of 14. And she would have gotten more than 4 years. Sorry but I’m not buying it!!

  • Annon says:

    Learning about Terilynn for school and want to know heaps more

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