Victims of James B. Grinder

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James B. Grinder was been found guilty for the murders of two women and is still awaiting trial for two other murders. We currently have information on all of his victims.

Teresa Williams 

Teresa, age 14, was murdered on December 3, 1976. She was raped and then strangled and stabbed to death. Teresa was murdered with Crystal Donita Parton and Cynthia Mabry.

Crystal Donita Parton

Crystal, age 12, was murdered on December 3, 1976. She was raped and then strangled and stabbed to death. Crystal was murdered with Teresa Williams and Cynthia Mabry.

Cynthia Mabry

Cynthia, age 13, was murdered on December 3, 1976. Cynthia was raped and then beaten to death. She was murdered with Teresa Williams and Crystal Donita Parton. Grinder has yet to be formally charged with this murder. Her remains have yet to be discovered.

Julie Helton 

Julie was raped and then stabbed to death on January 8, 1984.


  • Katherine Hourt says:

    Crystal was 14, Teresa was 13, my sister Cindy was 12 yrs. old. All the girls were together, with J.B. Cindy has never returned home! She was there and her life ended that day with Teresa and Crystal’s! I miss them all very much! I did not go with them, and had even talked my friend Carla out of going. I did not realize J.B. was violent! I would have gladly given my own life to save them! I am grateful for one very determined Detective who never gave up and got Grinder’s confession! Katherine Hourt

    • patricia (williams) rogers says:

      my name is patricia(williams)rogers,theresa is my sister,i was 11 at the time she was killed,i just want to tell katherine that i am so sorry that cindy hasn’t been found,and that your family has had no closure at all, although we were finally able to lay my sister to rest,her death and the death of crystal and cindy will always be apart of our lives and we grieve everyday for what they suffered.

  • Jo says:

    I’m helping a friend look for an unidentified victim for you sister. I have a couple of questions. What info leads law enforcement to believe that Grinder killed her? Also, what hints did he give of possible locations of her body?

    • Amy Stone says:

      I know exactly where the 2 body’s in Ar were found..I went there looking for the third one until I heard it was around Scotsville Ar… Thats why I would like to form a search party sometime to find her!!!! I want to help anyway I can for what my father had done and I know it won’t bring them back but I want everyone to know I’m not like him….I’m not a bad person!!! I am truly sorry for what my dad did…I wish I could take it all back…..
      Amy Stone

  • Katherine Hourt says:

    I was the one who told police that J.B. had taken the girls. We all had a plan to run away together, and J.B. was going to drive us to Texas. I was told by the detective if he arrested me again for runaway, I would go to girl’s school.I decided not to go, and told Carla not to go.The girls were all together last time I saw them. There was one other girl, Sandy Sindon, who’s mom was dating Grinder at the time, who was apparently not with them when he killed them. The detective did get a confession from Grinder about 10years later(in jail). There were newspaper articles that showed where the bones were found. I know in my heart that my sister was there, I had a dream about it.The location is close to my aunts home.I have heard there are homes there now.My mom also believes that Grinder killed the truck driver that helped him kill the girls. We were never able to get a death certificate for Cindy! 🙁

  • Katherine, is there a connection with Marceline, MO? I thought I read that there was a stained glass memorial for Cindy at one of the churches here.

  • BPMcWilliams says:

    Marceline was the home of the fourth victim,Julie Helton. Grinder cut the radiator hose on her car. And then followed her until her car overheated. Somewhere on the net there is an article on the technique of brain imaging which was tested on Grinder and helped convict him. He made the same claims of not acting alone. He was probably hoping for a second degree charge instead of first.

  • BPMcWilliams says:

    Brain Fingerprinting article on J B Grinder.

  • Amy Stone says:

    JB was my father. I never knew him but just talking to him he seemed really nice. Don’t judge me, I have no control over who my daddy is/was. I am truly sorry for every thing he had done. I wish thing could have been different for all the family’s involved including my own. I wish he was around to have been in my life and none of this would have happened. once again I am truly sorry….

    • BPMcWilliams says:

      Amy, I hope you are doing well. I have not visited this site since I last posted. And I was sorry to see that you were concerned about how someone might feel towards you. So I wanted to assure you that I support your efforts to empathize with the families. But I want you to know that I care about your feelings, too.

    • BPMcWilliams says:

      Amy, I hope you are doing well. I have not visited this site since I last posted. And I was sorry to see that you were concerned about how someone might feel towards you. So I wanted to assure you that I support your efforts to empathize with the families. But I want you to know that I care about your losses & feelings, too.

    • Candice Coe says:

      Amy my oldest brother Brian is also one of his children. He was a part of my brothers life up until he was maybe 3 years old at the most. Unlike my brother I am glad you have lived a good life. Doing everything you can to prove you are not like him. Unlike my brother who is just as psycho as his father. (Not trying to offend you).

  • Amy Stone says:

    Anyone that knows any more Information about this case I would be intertied in knowing… please reply…thank u…

    • Alvita Hobby says:

      I don’t know why but I became a pen pal to Grinder through a friend I have in prison and Grinder opened up to me about a lot of things. He admitted to being with the girls and more. I kept the letters but don’t know where they are right now since I moved several times. I do remember some of the things he told me but not all. Something about a young girls body that was hidden under a lot of brush close to a cemetery and the girl had been beaten with a tire iron and coke bottle. But I am not sure and I didn’t know whether to believe him or not. I am sorry for all of the families losses. You can contact me if you want to talk further about the letters.

  • Katherine Hourt says:

    Patricia, I wanted to thank you for your comments, and have a favor to ask of you. I am Mormon, I attend our local Temple every week, I would like very much to do your sisters work. Do you know anything about mormons, or Temples and the sacred ordinances we perform there? I invite you to go to to check us out, and think about what this could do for your family! I’m so grateful for this church, and I know I will be with my family again! You can also be with your family forever! Please, pray about what I am asking of you to see if it is the right thing to do, and let me know! I can promise you, you will receive blessings, so many you cannot count! I would need some basic info on Theresa, birthdate, we already have the other date needed, I can start a fan chart for your family(family history) if you like!

  • Katherine Hourt says:

    Amy, I, for one, would never judge you for something your father did. He has a very serious mental illness, only God can judge him, we must forgive! We will understand everything in the next life, it will be ok! Many people have suffered much on this earth, we are here to learn, be tested, and to prove our love to Heavenly Father! It has never been easy for me, but, I am stronger now, and I am so grateful to be on this earth! I look forward to being with my family again!

  • Patricia Williams rogers says:

    Does anyone know if j.b. is still alive?

  • Wendy says:

    Crystal Parton was my aunt. Her older brother David is my dad. When I was a teenager he worried about me so much and I never understood until my mom told me about this horrific tragedy. My prayers go out to all of the girls families. The only solace I can c is that now my dad and my grandma are now in heaven with crystal, and they are now at peace. I pass this tragedy on to my teenage daughters, not to scare them only to make them more aware it only takes once. Thankfully he is now where he belongs and he cannot hurt anyone else. I pray for peace to all of his victims families may God bless you all. Sincerely Wendy

    • michaela says:

      Crystal was my aunt as well. I’m J’sha’s oldest daughter, Michaela. We were just talking about this tradedgy and I saw you commented.

  • Katherine Hourt says:

    Patricia, I would suggest going to your local police department to ask about JB. They should be able to find out, last I heard, he was.

  • Amy Stone says:

    For the person that asked if he is still alive…the answer is no!! He died 2010/2011 it’s kinda sad I don’t remember but I do remember crying like a baby when my mom told me…I wanted nothing more than a real father and one that wasn’t sick and that was always gonna be there for me…It’s crazy how life throws u curves…The sucky thing about this curve is my dad did these things to these young beautiful ladies before I was ever born…oh how I wish things could have been different for ALL of us…I wish this girls were still alive, my dad was normal and a father to me and that he could have been the man I have heard about…I promise you, I have heard good things about my dad…Like I said OH HOW I WISH THINGS COULD HAVE BEEN DIFFERENT FOR ALL OF US!!! Thank You for the kind words Patricia, that meant a lot…my own mother don’t say good things to me about my dad sometimes…When she will talk to about him…I’ll be back to check on everyone and I hope all is good…Until then everyone have a BLESSED day…
    P.S. anyone still live around Russellville area? I have an email if anyone wanna email me…it’s
    Bye everyone!!! Lots of LOVE to you all!!!

  • Amy Stone says:

    This is Amy JBs daughter….my dad has been passed for a few years now….i hope and pray we can find the body of the third young lady that was never found….I don’t know why my dad did something so horrible only he does….I wish things could have been different for all of us….thy were beautiful girls with their whole lives still to go, I don’t get it…I try to visit this web site to read the comments and to read what other people have wrote….I know my dad was a sick man for what he did….while he was in prison he would write about God all the time….did he ask for forgiveness? Does God forgive for the things he did? Only God can answer that I guess…I’m sorry to all the family’s that was hurt and devastated by what my father had done….does any of the girls family still live in Russellville? Could we form a search party sometime to look for the third girl, around fall time kick some leaves around do it in her honor? I would be there in a heart beat to help make things right? It’s just a thought but if anyone is interested please let me know….text or call my number is 479-223-9389…. much love to all the family’s and all my prayers, Amy stone

  • Daniel Durham says:

    He’s alive I worked as a prison officer in the Cummins prison located in Grady Arkansas I knew him for five years so sorry for y’all’s loss

    • Bevie Parton Du Vall says:

      His Daughter said he was dead in the message before yours. You say he is alive. Is he dead or alive? Crystal was my little Sister in law

  • Jimmy Lawrence says:

    My name is Jimmy Wayne Lawrence.I’m Teresa’s cousen.I was fifteen at that time and witnesses JB Grinder putting her in the trunk of his car rolled up in a floor rug.And I still her her Cry’s for me to help her.There was more to this and ther

    • Bevie Parton Du Vall says:

      Then why in God’s name didn’t you help her??? Crystal was my adorable little Sister in Law why???

  • Amy stone says:

    This is Amy J.B’s daughter… How has everyone been…I hope great..I was wondering If anyone has a pic of my dad…I know its a crazy question but I don’t have one and would love to have one if anyone has one…thank u all very much for ur time! God bless u all…if anyone wants to add me on fave

  • Amy Stone says:

    Hello I’m Amy Stone…my Facebook name is Amy Harris Grinder Stone if anyone wants to add me…Hope everyone is doing good…God Bless you all!!

    • Cheryl says:

      Why would anyone want to add you? You keep putting your email and phone number and now your fb info. It’s like you are looking for notoriety or something. You didn’t even know the guy.

  • In response to “why would anyone add you” the actions of her father are not a reflection on her. She is trying to make ammends for things she had no part of. She did know him, he was her father, she was young and he stayed incarcerated. Notoriety, kinda low jab when all she has done is try and be kind and live a decent life despite her family “stain”.

  • Amanda Pope says:

    Amy Stone do you know you have a brother named Brian Coe? It would be your half brother he was born in 1984 I know him he lives in Marceline Mo, I don’t talk to him but my sister has had 2 kids with him. They are not together anymore but he sees his kids every other weekend. I just thought maybe you would want to know.

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