Review: Dark Minds, “The Eastbound Strangler”

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Investigation Discovery has a new true crime show, Dark Minds. In it, true crime author M. William Phelps looks at cold cases with criminal profiler John Kelly and an unnamed convicted serial killer they call “13”.

I missed the first episode, but the second episode premiered last Wednesday evening. It was about the Eastbound Strangler, who killed four prostitutes in Atlantic City in 2006.

I like the concept of the show quite a bit, and it’s great to have the perspective of someone used to telling stories like Phelps is. Still, Phelps comes across as overly dramatic at times. I’m sorry his sister-in-law got involved in drugs and was killed by a still unknown assailant, but I didn’t need to hear about it six or seven times in one episode.

Perhaps Phelps’ most impressive skill is getting the locals to talk, usually on the record. In this episode, at least, the interviewees were generally street people, exactly the type who don’t want attention.

The phone interviews with 13 came across as a bit hokey. I can only assume that 13 is what they say he is, but he seemed more interested in drama than in helping them. I suppose that shouldn’t be surprising.

As for this particular episode, it started a bit slow. In fact, Mrs. SK Podcast and I both thought it could have been covered adequately in a half-hour episode.

The second half, where they laid out similarities with the Gilgo Beach Serial Killer, was fascinating. It made watching the first half, for the setup, worthwhile.

Phelps also uncovered witnesses who were there for the last few hours of the final victim’s life. As a result, a plausible scenario for her demise is shown.

The next episode, “The Babysitter Killer”, is about the Oakland County Child Killer. It premiere Wednesday, February 8th, at 10pm Eastern on Investigation Discovery.

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  • nic says:

    Hi Brian, thanks for continuing the podcasts with the added time & responsibility with your growing family & most importantly thanks to Mrs SK podcast for this too. I agree with you both my wife & I thought the first half of Dark minds episode 2 was a bit dry but the second quite interesting. The 3rd I watched tonight & enjoyed much more. It showed more detailed information on an old famous case from MI. Anytime I can get more details on an unsolved well then I am hooked. I have been searching for a method of watching the first episode which I too missed. If you know of how I can find it please let me know. I think that later this season they are or attempt to link another unsolved with the investigation covered in the first show which should be interesting. I’m sure you have heard if it but there is a podcast called True Murder & it is quite good & may help with some your research. I still love the current events updates at the end of each show please keep them coming. By the the website regarding the Long Island Serial is no more. It was once informative but due to a dirty dozen became something weird & uninviting for the armchair detectives. I hope that this means something else maybe they are close to getting this guy. I suspect he monitored the site. I have other ideas one tge LISK. Maybe you could do an unsolved show from time to time. Anyway thanks again for putting on a very quality show.

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