Skull of Possible Wesley Shermantine Victim Found

on February 10, 2012 in Law Enforcement, Serial Killers by

John Vanderheiden, the father of one of Wesley Shermantine’s presumed victims, has been told by the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department that a skull has been found using a map drawn by Shermantine. They believe the skull may belong to his daughter.

The skull was found in rural Calaveras County on Thursday. It was turned over to the California Department of Justice for identification.

Investigators will continue to search the area for the next several days.

Shermantine drew the map after Sacramento bounty hunter Leonard Padilla offered him $18,000 if her remains were found. Padilla has offered Shermantine additional money if he leads investigators to the remains of additional victims.

It is unclear who Shermantine expects to do with the money from San Quentin State Prison.

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