Paul Bernardo at the University of Toronto, Scarborough

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While writing Victim Studies 013: Paul Bernardo, I discovered that he had graduated from the University of Toronto, Scarborough campus (UTSC), in 1986. Although he graduated many years before I attended the same school, I felt the need to see if he had a graduation picture taken, just one year prior to his first rape.

I intended to take a picture of his graduation photo, but found that the glass surrounding his photo had been scratched and burned, blocking out his face entirely. The glass has been replaced before, but UTSC students continue to show their disgust toward Bernardo.

The UTSC did not only have Bernardo as a graduate, but also taught Russell Williams, another well-known Canadian serial killer. Williams graduated in 1987 from UTSC, one year after Bernardo.

Paul Bernardo at University of Toronto, Scarborough

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