Victims of the McCrary Family

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The McCrary family is thought to have been responsible for the deaths of dozens of people throughout the United States. Despite being suspected of many murders, they were only found guilty of murdering one woman. We currently have information on their known victim and 15 of their suspected victims.

Sherri Lee Martin 

Sherri, age 17, was kidnapped on August 12, 1971. Her remains were discovered in Nevada on September 4, 1971. She had been shot to death.

Leeora Rose Looney

Leeora, age 20, was kidnapped on August 20, 1971. Her remains were found in Colorado on August 23, 1971. She had been strangled and then shot to death. This is the only formal murder charge that was placed on any members in the family.

Elizabeth Perryman

Elizabeth, age 26, was kidnapped on September 28, 1971. She was found murdered on December 19, 1971 near Amarillo, Texas.

Forrest Covey

Forrest, age 24, disappeared with his wife, Jena Covey, on October 17, 1971. His remains were found in Texas on October 24, 1971. He had been shot to death.

Jena Covey

Jena, age 19, disappeared with her husband, Forrest Covey, on October 17, 1971. Her remains were found in Texas on October 24, 1971. She had been shot to death.

Susan Darlene Shaw 

Susan, age 16, went missing on October 20, 1971. Her remains were discovered on October 24, 1971.

Cynthia Ann Glass 

Cynthia, age 25, was kidnapped in February of 1972. Her remains were found in Washington. She had been shot to death.

Barbara Joan Mooreman 

Barbara, age 22, disappeared while living in Texas.

Bobbi Jo Sanders

Bobbi Jo Sanders, age 26, disappeared while living in Texas.

Bobbi Jean English 

Bobbi, age 18, disappeared while living in Texas.

Bobbie Turner

Bobbie, age 38, was murdered with a coworker, Pat Marr, on November 30, 1971.

Pat Marr

Pat, age 22, was murdered with a coworker, Bobbie Turner, on November 30, 1971.

Valerie Turner 

Valerie, age 16, was murdered on June 25, 1972.

Jake Green 

Jake, age 69, disappeared on March 2, 1972 from Kansas, Missouri.

Mabel Manley 

Mabel, age 68, disappeared while working in Kansas on March 2, 1972.

Joanna Leatherbury

Joanna, age 18, was found shot to death in 1971.


  • Regina says:

    Does anyone know what happened to these two women and the son who got off scott free?

    • Denise says:

      Elizabeth Perryman (the 21st victim) was my Aunt so I have done a lot of research regarding this case. All 5 family members went to jail at different intervals and were in different penal institutions across the country. The daughter plead to lesser charges, but died in prison of cancer, as did the Mother. As of 2009 the only remaining two were the son and son-in-law who are in prison in California.

      • Bonnie says:

        Actually, the son-in-law, Carl Raymond Taylor, is in prison in Colorado. He has a parole hearing in June 2014.

        • earl harris says:

          that may be one of his parole dates but the last time I saw him in the 1990’s he was up for parole again then. At the time of his Colorado sentencing he received several life terms. Back then in Colorado a life term inmate was eligible for parole after serving 10 years. Carl routinely refuses parole from Colorado because if he were to accept parole-authorities from Texas, California, Florida- and possibly even the state of Washington will be awaiting him at the prison gate to take him into custody and to death sentences in those states. I know Carl and believe me- he is content to die of old age in Colorado prison as opposed to getting certain death in some other state electric chair or lethal injection or gas chamber. He personally has expressed this to me.

      • Paul Moore says:

        Denise , I was just 18 at the time of your Aunts murder but I remember her and the events around her death. I worked at Toddle House at the same time she did but left Lubbock just 2 months before her death. As a matter of fact I had been working at the one on 34th street till August of that year. If my memory is correct she had a sister or sister in law named Charlotte. I know it has been some time but so sorry for your loss. As I remember her she was a very sweet and beautiful lady.

      • coco says:

        iam so sorry, your family are in my prayers

      • Skip Hollandsworth says:

        Hi. I’m Skip Hollandsworth, a writer for Texas Monthly magazine. I was interested in corresponding with you about the McCreary murders–to find out who would still talk about those years and what happened to members of the family. Would love to hear from you.

        • Tammy williams/McCrary says:

          Hi Skip
          I am Sherman McCrary’s youngest daughter I did the show for ID, I am so sorry for all of the people that they killed and there family’s. I was a victim myself. and I was tramatised all my life but as a kid I was treated very badley by the police, the media came to our school we had no friends. I hardly ever went to school and eventuley I droped out.
          I still to this day am messed up by it all the show den’t even scratch the surface. I would like to talk with you sometime.
          thank you Tammy

      • jerry nations says:

        the daughter nor the mother died in prison. i know this because i am the oldest of gingers children. i found her again in 2000 and went and saw her. the Greely tribune did an article on me me called Murder in the family.

    • Judy says:

      Actually, my concern is regarding the four toddlers Ginger left behind. (Ginger died in prison, as did all the “gang”.) But does anyone know about the babies … now about in their forties. 3 Toddlers and she delivered a baby in jail in 1972.

      • Alice says:

        Carl is still alive and in prison at COLORADO TERRITORIAL CORRECTIONAL FACILITY. Believe it or now his next parole hearing is June 2014.

      • jerry nations says:

        ginger and elizibeth did not die in prison. i am her oldest son. and i found her again in 2000 and she was alive and brother and i spent over 4 years in foster care then were adopted by the same family. the youngest we have not found yet and the one that was born in prison i have contact with but we are not close

        • Kinsey says:

          Email me, please.
          Ill give you any info you want on robert michael if you can give me any details about his heritage/family medical history.
          (Cancer, mental illness, thyroid issues, what have you)
          Its very important to me.

        • Heidi Hart says:

          My name is Heidi and my grandpa was Lizzy’s brother. Aunt Lizzy came where ever we lived when out of the joint! A stranger yrs ago told me of this terrible happenings. I was born July 23 1976 I want to find my family Ginger I need to find out if she’s my mother

    • Brea says:

      He was sentenced to 25 years & the mother & daughter received reduced sentences for testifying against Carl & Sherman. The mother divorced Sherman while he was in jail &later died of natural causes. Daughter remarried & changed her name

  • Ed says:


    I don’t think Danny got off scott free. I think he is doing time in Texas.

    See link below.


    • Donitta says:

      Danny McCrary spent his prison time in Texas, he died in 2007. I am one of the daughter’s of his victims. I’ve looked at several of the stories out there regarding my family and some are pretty accurate, others not so much.

  • No Thanks says:

    I knew Cynthia Glass. She was so beautiful. I had thought that Ted Bundy had something to do with it because she was kidnapped from a store in Portland, OR. and found about 80 miles noth towards Seattle, where Bundy was rumored to be living… There was a McCrary family in the area, but guess it wasn’t them… or…????

    • lisa day says:

      Hello, cynthia glass was my half sister. Can you tell me anything about her life. My folks are both deceased and I know nothing about cindy except for the murder story.

      • katy says:

        I knew Cindy very well. I was her best friend from 1964 until 1966 when I moved to NY. After I moved back to Oregon, we then picked up our friendship again, in 1970. She and I exchanged letters while I lived in NY.
        Cindy and I went hiking together in Forest Park 2 weeks before her death.
        I knew her mother Allie, as well as her two brothers John and Rick, Her two brothers were also her half-siblings.
        I was deeply affected by Cindy’s death and along with my mother, attended her funeral.
        This tragedy gave me nightmares for many years. Cindy was wearing a necklace I had given her at the time of her death. RIP Cindy, I think of you with love and affection.

      • Katy Corning says:

        I knew Cindy very well, and was one of her closest friends if not her best. Please let me know if you wish to communicate. Her death was devastating to me.

        • lisa day says:


  • Ben says:

    My grandfather was one of the detectives on the case for Mesquite PD. He worked the murders of Forrest & Jena Covey and Susan Shaw. I actually still have quite a few of the files pertaining to those cases and others about the McCrary family.

    • alisa thornton flowers says:

      suzy was my best friend. was ur grandfather the lead detective. he looked like the actor carl mauldon. did he make suzy’s case his career case, well u know what i mean. he kept all the files and a video of the police story show that was about them? if so i wish i could have some info. just for personal reasons.
      i’ve tried to get the files but because she was a minor i cant. i talked to the lady detective who at the time was a rookie and i think she said it was her first case like that. she said he kept all his files..
      please e-mail me if all this is right. i’ve tried to get info for years.
      ps read the newspaper article and u will see my name.

      • Susan Stephens Houghtling says:

        Lisa, I just found something written by our dear friend Sylvia Killough who was also Susan’s close friend describing what happened that day. I’d love to hear from you.

        • Stephen Stewart says:

          I was a friend of Sylvia & Susie at the time. Myself, Steve, Andy,& Vivian used to hang out. Can you get me in touch with Sylvia? We would have a lot to talk about.
          Please. Thank you.

        • Stephen Stewart says:

          I remember Lisa Thornton, also. If you or anyone would like to contact me I’m at Thank you.

    • Donitta says:

      My parents are Jena and Forrest Covey, I have lots of the newspaper clippings and information from the media, but would love to know more.

      • James Patman says:


        I don’t know how to say this of if I should. I think I was the last person beside Danny McCrary to see them alive. I witnessed the terrible struggle in that car. I called the police and told them what I saw. They weren’t interested until they were found. I have seen this in my mind a thousand times. I wish I could have helped. If I can help you let me know.

    • Ricardo says:


      I would love to know if your grandfather is still alive and, if so, would want to speak about the case for the Investigation Discovery show I am working on. I can be reached at


    • Stephen Stewart says:

      Susan Darlene Shaw was my girl friend at the time.

    • Lt. (retired) Don F. Williams Santa barbara Ca. PD says:

      I was the lead detective on the Santa Barbara Ca. PD that broke the case of the McCrary/Taylor family who we successfully prosecuted For supermarket robbery and the shooting of our police officer in 1972. I was the technical advisor on the Police Story season three “Odyssey of Death” movie. Actor Robert Stack played my role in the investigation. I think I coordinated with your grandfather at the Mesquite Tx.PD when I went there to extradite Carl & Ginger Taylor but can’t remember his name. I have been searching for a copy of that movie. I think your grandfather had a copy. I would like to contact you or him.
      Don & Kathi Williams Goleta, Ca email

    • Alex Shaw says:

      Hi Ben,
      My name is Alex shaw I was curious to get more information on Susan Shaw. We come from the same city of mesquite and share the same last name curios to see what her family background looks like or if I have any relation to her. Also any files you have on the case I would love to look at or hear about your experience being lead detective. You can reach me via email at or phone (469)554-3297

  • alice says:


    Can you contact me reference your grandfather working the case ? We have been working on a book about the McCrary’s for a couple of years now. Thanks

  • tiggertails says:

    Leeora Rose Looney was my Aunt. she was taken from us before I was born but my mom told me all the time when I was growing up how much she would have loved me and how much I was like her.

    • alice says:

      Anyone with any information at all about the McCrary family murders please contact me.
      I would like to talk to any family members or friends of any of the victims. Also I would like to talk with anyone who has any information involving any of the investigations involving the McCrary’s.

      • earl harris says:

        Alice, this is in response to your request for information from anyone having knowledge about the McCrary family. I was in prison with both Sherman and Carl in the 1970’s and 80’s. I worked in the print shop with Carl and was in the cell adjacent to Sherman. I could not bring myself to like Carl but had many lengthy conversations with Sherman. Because of his notoriety most inmates refused to talk with either of them but I found Sherman to be likable enough and with me he did share many secrets that he would discuss with no one else. I was there when he hanged himself and even loaned him money from time to time for cigarettes. Will answer any questions I can about Carl or Sherman. Please feel free to contact me at:

      • Cody Coyne says:

        I was going to feed and ride horses on an early morning in 1971 or 1972 when we found a body of a young women along a dirt road cutting across a pasture very near Bear Creek north of Lakewood and west of Denver. It is presumed based on the McCrary Crime Family MO and the location that this was probably Leeora Rose Moody…..

    • Mike McGuire says:

      I attended college with Leora. She sat across from me in 2 or 3 classes. She was a sweet, kind, and loving young woman. She often spoke about her boyfriend who was in the military. Our college was devastated by her murder!

    • Teresa Scott says:

      I am over 50 now and I never new that Leeora is my half sister. This is a shock. I saw this case on tv a few yrs ago and wondered.. Do I know that girl that died there in CO at the Winchell’s Donuts we used to go too. I lived with my mom. But visited with dad a lot. Not sure how I missed this.. I was 6 when Leeora was taken from us. Maybe I knew her and don’t remember. Anywho, I love that her name was LEEora. Dad’s middle name was Lee. My older sisters and brother middle names are Lee..

      This is very sad, shocking info for me.

  • tiggertails says:

    Death roads by Orvile trainer is a book about my aunt murder if any one can find a copy please let me know these books are really hard to track down, an no amazon didn’t have any copies last week when I checked. again…..

    • ferretsrule says:

      there are 7 copies on amazon right now

    • RJ says:

      You will never know how many times I have remembered your aunt, Leora Looney. I only know of her from research about these killings. My interest started when I learned that my mate’s family is related to Carl Taylor. In the family he was known as Danny Jack &/or Carl Robert Taylor. His life was not a good one.
      Anyway, I just found these posts and it is heart rendering to hear about all the precious folks that suffered at these evil people’s hands.
      I have often thought of your aunt’s mom and dad and wondered how they were doing. I was 20 yrs. old and in Aurora, co on August 19th due to my grandmother’s passing but didn’t make any connection about Leora’s death until a few years ago.
      Again sorry for your loss and everyone else’s. My mate feels they should have all had the death penalty.

      • Ed says:


        You asked about Leeora’s parents? It is with sadness that I have to say that they both have passed on.


        • Teresa Scott says:

          From what I am being told by family. Leeora was my dad’s oldest daughter. Dad passed May 2016. He was 83. I did not know until today he had a total of 4 daughters and 2 sons.

          RiP Leeora <3

          • Ed says:

            Hi Teresa

            My name is Ed and Leeora was my sister. At the time of her passing she lived at 1951 Lilly Drive in Thornton Colorado. She lived there with her father Virgil, mother Lucille, older sister Joyce, younger sister Jeannie, oldest brother Mark and the youngest me. Unless my parents were keeping deep secrets I am unaware of any half brothers or sisters. If we are related please fill in the gaps as I would be happy to meet another sibling.

      • earl harris says:

        They all may have gotten the death penalty had it not been for a Supreme Court ruling that abolished the death penalty in Colorado at that time. I was in Colorado prison with both Carl and Sherman. Carl was a unique type of sociopath that no one could have in depth conversation with. He was incapable of empathy and his coal black eyes were a bottomless pit. He was that special kind of monster who could savagely murder an entire family in their living room-head into the kitchen to make himself a sandwich-then go into their bedroom and sleep until morning as if nothing had happened. But Sherman on the other hand appeared-at least on the surface- to be capable of empathy and was open about the murders and could discuss them with tears. He hanged himself while I was there in the prison and I believe it was out of sorrow and remorse. It was a complicated situation. He expressed to me that if Carl wasn’t married to his daughter- he would have killed him himself. He also stated many times that the murders and rapes were at the leadership of Carl. Having personally known Sherman and worked with Carl-I am inclined to believe him as regarding that.

  • Regina says:

    My dad was writing a book that someone wanted to make a movie in 1989 but he decided not to finish. He has quite a bit on the Mccrarys .. Including an interview that was in admissible in court where they admitted to killing several women.

    • H. L. Marek says:

      Do you still have access to the manuscript? My Father’s sister was Jena Covey,one of the victims. The murder and aftermath had such a psychological impact on his ability to believe in anything like a higher power, trust in tomorrow, or humanity being at the core good rather than everyone trying their hardest to hide the evil inside. He couldn’t love me. I think he tried when I was young, but as soon as I was old enough to not be under his constant supervision he froze me out. He did the same thing to my little sister and our children. He has mentally prepared himself every day since the murder to expect it to happen again and though I’m positive he would never admit it , even to himself, it controls him to this day.
      I have written several non fiction books over the last decade and one I have never been able to finish is one about the ripple effect of traumatic events in families. I never had the honor of meeting my aunt and uncle, as the McCrarys stole them from this world before I was born into it. I was never allowed to speak of it or ask questions about her. The only time I ever heard anything about it were instances when my mother would comfort me after one of my fathers insane ultimatums (“You want to go to camp? Fine but if you walk out that door don’t even think about coming back! Who do you think will give a 7yr old a job? Good luck surviving out there on your own!”) My mom would try to get me to see that he only did it because his sister was murdered and he is in his own way saying “I love you and I worry when you are not where I can see you and know that you’re safe” But it became so crippling that the day I turner 17 I hit the door running. Unfortunately I wasn’t mature enough to foresee the traumatic impact of my impetuous action and I was never able to repair the family rift I caused. Now at 40 with three kids of my own, I get it. I can’t fix it but I get it. My grandparents have passed and I am estranged from my father and have been for a long time, I want to understand the catalyst that started it all. But I don’t know where to start. I’m not putting the full blame of my s**t childhood on the McCrary’s, but I can’t help wondering what life would have been like had they never crossed paths with my aunt. Who knows what I might have accomplished or become if I had the love and support of nurturing parents. I might have not been as successful in life, I could have been a self entitled brat who never left home, or I could have happy childhood memories instead of the dark and cold ones I possess. Regardless of what could have been in a world where the McCrary’s just stayed home that year and grew weed or started a band or something, we live in the reality where their actions echo in the lives of so many of us, every , single, day. I want to know why. I need to understand. If I’m being completely honest, I need someone to blame.
      If you are interested in collaboration, I would love to talk more about it with you. I don’t know if I will ever publish the story or if it will act as a prefix to my own someday, but the journalist in me needs to finish the story. The child in me needs to reconcile the past. The Mother in me wants to see justice for ALL the victims, but the private person I am has kept me from all of that.
      E-mail these days is hard to reach anyone, with a thousand junk e-mails a day its easy to overlook a personal one. I am on all social networks under username hillarymarek feel free to respond in this thread or to inbox me on Facebook \ Instagram \Google+ etc. I am a million times more likely to see your message and reply in a timely manner that way.
      This goes for anyone who has pieces of the puzzle they would like to share. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration in this correspondence.
      H.L. Marek

  • Billy says:

    A case that strangely never really captured the Public imagination, although it seems ideal fodder for movies etc. I remember a Police Story episode based on it. Mr Trainers book was, sadly, rather pedestrian so I like many would welcome a fresh take on the events.

  • Jeans says:

    I have some minimal information about Carl Taylor (as I know him)
    He was married to my aunt. and they had 3 kids. one is dead, one is missing and one is alive.
    My aunt did NOT know he was a murderer and my dad found his picture on a wanted add and found out that way that his brother in law was a serial killer!!

    I am so interested in learning more about this case, and I am desperately trying to find my missing cousin.

    • Twila says:

      What was your aunts name that was married to Carl Taylor?

      • April says:

        “Jeans” aunt is my mother and her name is Joyce. She was married to Carl but they only had two children together, one still missing and the other deceased. She knew nothing about the other life he led, but in regards to finding my missing sister if he knows anything about her whereabouts we’d like to know as well. Do you know Carl?

        • My first cousin whose maiden name was Dustin was one of Jack Taylor’s wife!! I remember this incident from a very young age. They have a daughter named Bonnie.. they don’t talk about Jack at all, unless it is brought up and then begrudgingly. Bad man!!

    • "kristy" says:

      First let me start by saying ginger is alive and free. I have even spoken to her once or twice. Not knowing who she really was at the time. The baby she delivered while in jail in fact was named after her brother. And was adopted by a female family member. I actually went to school with him and dated him. He wasnt even aware he was adopted until the last five yrs or so. He was raised believing ginger was a cousin i believe. Wasn’t even told about killings until after he found out he was adopted and that ginger was in fact his mother.

      • Regina says:

        Kristy…. I would like to talk to ginger if possible by phone or email. I am the daughter of Liz Perryman and have many questions I need to ask

      • Regina says:

        I was just thinking about how unfair it is that Ginger got to see her boy grow up. I was 4months old when they took my mother. How sad that their last victim was her own child. I feel for this man.

        • "kristy" says:

          I’m so sorry for your pain. Losing your mom that way. Please know that the baby ginger gave birth to is a good man.

      • Conni says:

        Does anyone know if Ginger and Carl had any children together?

  • Darrell says:

    Sheri Martin was my neighbor and would watch me and my siblings from time to time when my parents would go out. I remember very vividly what I was doing the day we found out she was missing. I was a tragic time in our lives. I have always felt the victims of this horrible family should be heard. However the McCrary’s should fade into oblivion and be nameless instead of famous. Sheri was a wonderful person with a bright future that was taken long before her time and she will always be remembers that way.

    • Zan says:

      Sheri was my cousin. I have very few memories of her because I was very young when she died. She was the only natural child that my Uncle and Aunt were able to have. I have heard that she was a wonderful person. I think it is tragic. I remember watching news reports about the sick group that committed these crimes and seeing pictures of Sheri at that time. I am glad there are still people out there who remember her. I have some of her writings that my Uncle shared with the family and she seems like an amazing person. Sad that her life was cut short and family and friends deprived of her life.

      • Carol Barela says:

        Sheri Martin was my friend,she came to visit her cousin here in California. We spent sometime together,I remember one night she called me scared. She was the only one home and was hearing noises. They had gone somewhere and she opted to stay home. It was late but she asked if I would come and stay with her. I told her I was on the way. When I got there we talked and she ended up taking me to her cousin’s bedroom to show me the quilts her Aunt made for her sons. They were made of Levi jeans and flannel shirts. She lived her Aunt and was so impressed with her talent. I noticed her graduation ring it was beautiful and not a usual graduation ring. At one point she told me that she didn’t think she will ever get married. I was thinking maybe she didn’t think she was pretty enough. I told her she was pretty and so sweet someone will see her how great she is. She said, “No that is not it, I just don’t think I will marry or have children.” What do you say to that? I really liked Sheri, I do feel Sheri was special. When you are with someone who is Christ like you can feel it. Not too long after that she went home and was killed. I remembered what she told me and it was hard not to believe she had been told something would happen. I still think of her a true angel that was here just for a visit on earth. I wish I had more time with her and I feel for her family.

  • lisa day says:

    My Sister was Cynthia Glass. If anyone has information about her murder case please contact me.

    • katy says:

      Lisa, if you are interested I knew Cindy very well. Her murder haunted me for years. I Was very relieved to find out that her murderers were caught even tho they were never convicted of the crime.
      If you’d like to correspond, you may leave your email for me.

    • Katy Corning says:

      To Lisa Day,
      I knew Cindy very well. I also knew her mother and 2 brothers. The oldest was John and I have forgotten the youngest boys name. Her mothers’ name was Allie. You may contact me if you would like. I knew that she was not in close contact with her natural father, that she had a step-father for several years, and by the time I met her in 1963, she had not been out of high school for very long. We remained friends until her death.

  • "kristy" says:

    Thankfully he was adopted right after he was born. Very sweet living mother. And he didn’t know about the truth until a few years ago. But i cant even imagine what he must have thought learning about the sick people that gave him life.

  • daniel says:

    Who is Kristy on here leaving messages

  • daniel says:

    First of all Her last child wasn’t named after her brother Kristi. Get the facts correct if you want to air them out. He was named after Gingers grandfather that passed way before any of them were born

    • Don says:

      Daniel, Ginger’s grandfather, whom you mentioned, was my Great uncle Dan. ( Short for Daniel ) He was a Truck Driver, and was Killed in an accident inside his truck. He was hauling a load of Pipe, & one pipe came into the truck cab, & pierced through his shoulder. My mother Saw uncle Dan, and she was pregnant with my oldest sister. She marked my sisters back shoulder, with a brown birth mark where the Pipe Pierced uncle Dan. She still carry’s that birth mark today, at age 72. I would love to hear how you are related.

    • Don says:

      Daniel, I think I might know where you fit in with my family lines. Not sure though. I am not willing to say or discuss it in a public forum. If you would be interested in conversing with me, you can email me at

  • Regina says:

    Hello Daniel. How r you? Please contact me at

  • Elisabeth says:

    I didn’t think my family was that bad. The mccrary name bad. I know I didn’t kill those people but I am sorry for my family mistakes and I pray that the families can forgive my family. I just looked up my last name and found that my family killers. Wow can’t wait to get merry so I don’t have the mccrary name.

    • Ed says:


      I am the brother of one of the victims and I want to assure you that I hold no malice toward any of the relatives of the murderers. None of us get to choose who are relatives are. Live your life in a way that brings dignity and respect and prove it ins’t the family name, it’s the person that counts.


      • earl harris says:

        I knew both McCrary and Taylor personally. I was there when Sherman ( McCrary) hanged himself in his Colorado prison cell. I worked beside Carl Taylor in a Colorado prison print shop. I had lengthy talks with Sherman and he indicated that Carl was the ring leader in the abductions, rape and murder of many young Dunkin Donut waitresses. I never believed that Sherman was completely innocent as he would have me to believe. But Carl was a strange one indeed. His eyes were flat and black as a shark’s and had no emotion. Even when on the rare occasion that he smiled-his eyes remained cold and lifeless. Carl married Sherman’s daughter and along with Sherman’s wife, the gruesome quartet roamed from state to state in a van seeking any young victim to over power, rape and kill. Sherman related to me that on one occasion Carl had stupidly abducted a 9 year old girl who lived next door to them and as the police were investigating as to her whereabouts they hurriedly fled the city. Carl related to me that each time he came up for parole he would refuse parole because the state of Texas, California, and Florida all had death sentences awaiting him. I could talk with Sherman but Carl was a special sort of creepy.

        • Katy Corning says:

          This family abducted and killed a lot of girls/women from donut shops, but by no means were they all in donut places. My best friend was abducted from a 7-11 type convenience store, raped, shot and dumped by the side of a road. It is my belief that this family was responsible for many more deaths than have been listed. Not much in Death Roads or anywhere else is written about my friend, but her death is attributed to the McCrarys.

    • jenny says:

      Elizabeth your family is not bad and at one time the family was normal something went wrong but like Ed said its not the name, its the people I have worked my whole life and raised my children the right way inspite of how I was raised, it was hard after what I had been through but I knew what was right and what was wrong and I rose above it. live life happy and with pride

  • daniel says:

    Is Elizabeth related to the mccrary side

  • jenny says:

    yes I also would like to know if this Elizabeth is my family member?

  • jenny says:

    thank you for answering me so soon, I know that some of these people
    may not like me because of who I am. I am the daughter of Sherman McCrary the serial killer, I was with them through the whole ordeal, and I like some of them want answers. I have to be very careful because of the danger that it may cost my family. thank you again.

  • earl harris says:

    Life can sometimes throw us some fastball curves but we can just deal with them as God gives us the strength. Personally I sorta liked Sherman and although I had to believe that he did take part in some of the carnage, I will always believe in my heart that he was a follower of Carl’s pernicious and vile inclinations. I am no angel myself and have caused my share of grief and heartache but am no fool and have always been a fairly good judge of character and it is my belief that if it had not been for Carl- none it would have ever happened. So don’t be hard on yourself because you had nothing to do with any of what happened. I had many long conversations with Sherman and he lovingly often spoke of his family. It has been years since I was with Sherman but we spent many hours in conversation while drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes and I do seem to recall him speaking of you. I also am convinced that his suicide was due to much remorse and regret- and the knowledge that he would never again be free. I am sorry to tell you all this and sorry for the loss of your daddy. May he rest in peace. And my God give you peace of mind too.

  • Regina Arellano says:

    Tammy, it is not your fault, what your parents did. Earl, i find it hard to believe that Sherman felt guilty. If he had felt guilty it wouldve been stopped long before they got caught. As far as Carl…i can only hope his death isnt a good one….and pray for forgiveness for those feelings. The women…who pretty much got off scott free…well hopefully they have nightmares every night. I cant express the anger i have for these people enough. But i hold no ill towards any of their family…i requested a meeting with Carl and was denied. I will stop here…i just wanted Tammy to know that it is not her fault..and it doesnt define who she is. And Earl…really…if you have been in prison then i am surprised that you believed Sherman felt any guilt.

  • Katy says:

    I was the best friend of Cindy Glass. She was murdered by the McCrary “family”.
    It seems to me that it has been mentioned here that the victims were donut shop employees. That states only a partial truth. Cindy worked in a 24 hour convenience store in Portland Oregon, was raped and was hot in the head by one of the family members.
    Please do not minimize the pain and horrible suffering caused by these people, not to mention the suffering imposed on the victims like Cindy.
    You may want to comfort someone into thinking that their relative/father was not a monster, but it simply isn’t so. Surely you are not implying that Sherman is in any way an “innocent”? How many souls on Earth would continue on their spree, witness the pain and destruction being perpetrated, and simply “watch”? This is a form of insanity and definitely is EVIL. I am sorry for the relatives, but they need to face reality and not live in a deluded bubble.
    I am for one simply appalled and heartbroken at what had been done to my friend, she did not deserve to be tossed out of a car by the side of the road.

  • Alice says:

    In defense of Tammy. Yes her family were monsters of the worst kind. Raping, robbing and killing innocent people. Although she is aware of the heinous crimes her family committed, she was never involved. She was an innocent child. She was 10 when ALL of her family was finally arrested. She could have easily followed in her family’s footsteps, but instead has lived a good and decent life.

    Tammy, like everyone else on this forum is looking for answers. We may never have those answers because most of the family is dead now. And the remaining few are not talking.

  • if anyone would like to talk to me my e-mail is

  • Ricardo says:

    Hello to all of you–

    I am a researcher for an Investigation Discovery Channel (ID) TV series and I am doing some research on The McCrarys. It sounds like some of you on this board may be helpful to speak with about their crimes. If anyone would like to assist me with more information, or if anyone would like to speak on behalf of any of the victims, possibly on camera if this should move forward, please contact me at


    • Stephen Stewart says:

      She was my girl friend & it all seems to have just been forgotten. Like it never happened.

  • to Earl Harris
    I haven’t heard from you, you can contact me at I would like to talk to you about my father I only saw him once while he was in prison.

  • Dear Earl
    I have been waiting for your reply, I thought you wanted to talk to me what happened did someone scare you off just disappointed I was looking forward to some news about my dad . hope you will reconsider thanks tammy

  • chris says:

    these people were actually my grandmas cousins and when they were arrested they took my grandma with them the McCrary family confessed to have planed on killing my grandmother wow how fortunate am I.

    • jenny says:

      hey Chris
      I think I am you grandmas cousin, is your grandmas first name robin?
      if so, she is my first cousin. and she was there with me when we were arrested I haven’t seen or spoken to her since my mothers funeral. I would like to get in touch with her.

  • Sharon Bush says:

    I am the sister of Elizabeth Perryman. Her death left a great deal of pain in her children’s lives , as well as her family. Any death these people had , I hope it was slow and extremely painful. Then they burn in hell for eternity. They were evil & deserve no better. Unfortunatley, as most criminals do, they left many in their wake as victims. Including their own families. The sin lies within them. No one related to them , is at all quilty or shares in their shame. They were adults and could have stopped at anytime. I work in law enforcement and take delight when murderers get their due. In memory of my sister, I try to be kind to the victims of criminals. One thing I can possitively do in her memory. So many families hurt by the selfish acts of 5 monsters.

  • Paul says:

    Sharon, I worked at the Toddle House on 34th street prior to her death. I only worked with Elizabeth a few times but remembered her well. She was a beautiful lady. We had moved to Dallas about a month before her death. I was questioned as well as my step- father in regards to the death. I guess it was just routine procedure. I agree with you in regards to the McCrary’s. May they burn in Hell. Too many lives were affected by their rampage across the country. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

  • jenny says:

    Hey Chris
    if Robin is your grandma tell her I am Aunt Lizzy’s youngest daughter, and Danny is my brother

  • Debra Conley says:

    My prayers go out to everyone involved ! It was very heartbreaking on these crimes for so many people .

  • Stephen Stewart says:

    Susan Darlene Shaw worked at the Sweet Creme Donut Shop in Mesquite Texas. She was my girl friend at the time. There was something left at the scene that told all of her friends that something bad had happened.

    • Alisa Flowers says:

      I don’t know where to start. You were Andy’s friend right.
      Hope your doing well. Suzy’s death left a big hole in my
      Heart that’s never been filled. I know I’m not the only one
      Who feels this way.
      I have tried to find out information over the years but because
      Suzy was a minor they can’t release the files. There is a
      Lot of info on here. Don’t know how much is accurate.
      Hope to hear from you. Maybe we can talk more
      Alisa Flowers

      • Susan Houghtling says:

        Hi Alisa,

        Don’t know if you remember me but I remember you and Marshall. I think of Sylvia often and how much she suffered from Susan’s death. I have a letter she wrote about it if you’d like a copy of it.

        Take care,

  • Susan Houghtling says:

    Susan Shaw was in my homeroom class and the best friend of my later to become best friend. I hung out at the Sweet Crème Donut Shop in Mesquite with another friend in the evenings and only quit when my friend left her job and Susan Shaw was moved from another location to this one from where she was abducted. My name in high school was Susan Stephens. I always felt strange about the coincidences and the fact that Susan would not have come to that donut shop if my friend hadn’t quit.

  • Susan Houghtling says:

    No, I see in one of the early comments at this site that Alisa Flowers posted. Her husband was Marshall Flowers and I believe you all may have been friends. Perhaps she would respond to a request.

    Feel free to email my home address if you’d like to talk.

  • Susan Houghtling says:

    Did you see my email yesterday that said that Sylvia passed away in 2000?

  • eric says:

    Carl Taylor is still in a Colorado state prison, with his next parole opportunity in 2017.

    • tone says:

      I would love to meet this dude….just getting on this site..tonette is my name sand Elizabeth Steffens Perryman was …was..WAS.. My mom

    • Earl harris says:

      I was in.Colorado prison with both Carl and Sherman. Was there when Sherman hanged his cell in Canon City Colorado.

  • Regina arellano says:

    I was very disappointed in the evil kin show…first they downplayed what this family did to their victims. They skipped over my mom…they did the first,second, and fourth victims but left her out.

  • Nathan Davis says:

    I am the grandson of Elizabeth Perryman and not only did I never get the chance to meet her neither did my mother (her daughter) who was 3 months old when she was taken by these scumbags..I’m 26 the age she was when she was murdered and I have 3 kids 1 of which is 4 months old th at would be like me losing her now…no one ever knows how many people a single demonic act can affect…it’s still haunting people today people who weren’t even alive when it happened…may God be with all u other families out there affected by this and other terrible acts..

    • tone says:

      But you will survive kiddo! So sory6for ur pain! Love you

    • Paul Moore says:

      Nathan. I knew and remember your grandmother. I was 18 at the time of her death. I worked at The Toddle House on 34th for a while as well as the other two locations. Your Grandmother was a beautiful, sweet lady. I thought that I had a pic of her but I do not. We left Lubbock and moved back to Dallas a month before she died. So much is said about the killers but never enough is mentioned about the victims.

  • Tamara Burks says:

    Episode 21 of the show Evil Kin is about the family and the murders.

    • I didn’t thing that the episode on ID really showed how evil these people are. It also made out as if these women were so damn innocent. They are evil bitches just like the men. May the entire group rot in hell

    • jerry nations says:

      the show was not very acurate. it never mentioned shermans other daughter or gingers 3 boys that they hauled around with them. i am the oldest of gingers children. there are a lot of things that i remember that have caused me many problems over the years. i got into drugs pretty bad and did a 5 year prison sentence myself. but with the help of the good Lord and a very supportive family that adopted me i am clean and sober and pretty much got my life back together. i tried talking to folks about it when i was little but that is a pretty wild story for an 8 year old to be telling so of course no one believed me until i got my adoption records and proved what i was saying was the truth. i had hell keeping that stuff penned up in me for so many years. still have issues with it but im starting to realize that it is doing nothing but draining life from me. we can chat if you want to. im at

  • Noel says:

    Dan, it’s Noel, your childhood neighbor. Care to connect?

  • james says:

    The programme has just been shown on TV here in the UK, I felt sick in knowing that these two despicable and vile cowards had committed these awful and horrendous crimes, my prayers and sympathies go to the relatives and friends of the people whose lives were tragically ended by this pair of sadistic cowards.

  • Justin says:

    Does anyone know if the victims who were listed as “disappeared” were ever recovered? I know at least one of them, Barbara Joan Mooreman of Irving was discovered deceased on February 9, 1971. But I know nothing about Bobbi Jean English, Bobbi Jo Sanders, Jake Green or Mabel Manley.

    I try to match up missing persons with unidentified remains on websites such as NamUs and other state missing persons databases and would like to know if they are still considered missing or not.

  • tonya says:

    I don’t know this story. I will ask why are you seeking to talk to your father.. Why? What ever I got out of little back and fourth comes to my conclusion your discussing serial killers and more than one. Is he feeling pain or empathy, your answer… These people who commited these crimes had a vendeta. They daydream all day long. The things they have done puts duty above pleasure so it’s not that. Boardem maybe, you might as well go all the way in sin if you have crossed the tracks. We all have thoughts, but it’s the second glance back after the first second that it should have been put into the discard pile. My guess would be he is a hater, control freak, jelosey.
    He never wanted to be alive, ever. He wanted those things done to him. Secrets are scary. No one pushed back besides the only pain in life and enemy is you yourself. Sad to think of a easy way to live. What a waste of life on both sides. Doesn’t take orders well. They should legalize suicide booths. Save the world. And just think once you step outside the world was at your feet just waiting for you to do great things. Pathedic creatures never did a damn thing but daydream and take. Everything..
    To the family..
    Some people need a conductor
    You know lightning rod.
    That’s how I was told, you just have to let it pass threw you and please never turn the hommiage into needy greedy. You know it wasn’t your hands, it’s only a stupid connecting name. Anyone can legally change their name, hope you feel better now. They should have confession booths in schools. I’m not religious, sometimes I just need to talk

  • Arlene says:

    I just saw evil kin on the ID Chanel. Very sorry for the victims. The McCary family was hateful people. The woman as well as the men. They knew where the money was coming from.

  • For Tammy McCray,
    Is there any books written on your family? If not maybe you should so you can tell a complete story.

  • Teresa Harvey says:

    Forrest Covey was my uncle. Is there a way to get a copy of the movie that was produced.

    • H. L. Marek says:

      Teresa, Jena was my aunt (my fathers sister) and Forrest was my uncle by marriage. I would love to talk with you. I can put you in touch with his daughters, your cousins, if you are not already in contact with them.
      You can msg me on Facebook under\holliwoods or Instagram under username Hillarymarek. I really look forward to talking with you.

  • Genny says:

    Hello Ed, I don’t know if you remember me we went to school together as young children I lived up the street from you on Utah court I remember hearing about your sister right around the time that we were moving away from the Thornton area and feeling such an immense sorrow I remember how sweet and beautiful your sister was and how our family was just overtaken with grief for your loss

  • Frances says:

    I went to high school with Susan Shaw and ran with the same crowd. Her nickname was “Rabbit” and her boyfriend at the time of her death was John Maimone.

    • Nancy Hornberger says:

      Your correct, my brother John Maimone was her boyfriend at the time of her death. She was 3 months pregnant with his baby. The police came to our house and took my brother in for questioning.Susan, called our house the night she was abducted.My mom was the last person to talk to her, she told my mom she was scared because of these people in the shop, which was this psychotic family that abducted her.She was looking for my brother because she wanted him to come to the donut shop. My brother lives with me now, and we are just looking at these comments on here.

  • Patsy if you read this I’m still looking for you!

  • kevin says:

    the johanna leatherbury time line is striking she was killed aug 21, sherri martin august 17 both in 71 , raped and shot , the connection jumps right out at you , the witness in leatherbury case said she was seen with a car load of people , mcrary, family, that sob is in his seventies in Colorado prison , the feds need to reinterview the daughter any that are still alive , mr carl mcrary should be stripped whipped and executed by firing squad not enjoying Colorado hospitality, the 22 year old daughter should be exacuted, too

    • Regina says:

      Kevin….it makes me sick too. Ginger..changed her name ..her 4th child was raised by other people. He did not even know these monsters were his family until about 5 or 6 yrs ago. She got to go on and have a nice little new life while my mom is dead.

  • kevin says:

    carl mccrary taylor 79 extradite him to Utah he has a appointment with smith and Wesson, he has been feed and clothed sheltered, in Colorado, time to move him to Utah, put him in a room with the relatives of his victims

  • kevin says:

    carl taylor scheduled parole june 17 , 2017 Colorado territorial prison , he is 79 years old he needs a stay in Utah prison system ,

  • Kinsey says:

    Does anyone know if one of the younger sons was named robert michael… a lady got in touch with a family member of mine stating that she was looking for him and that his dad is carl taylor &brothers jerry and glen?
    & sent a photo of them if anyone can verify

  • Donitta says:

    Carl R. Taylor is in the Colorado Dept. of Corrections and has been since May 1978. His next parole hearing is scheduled for June 2018, he was eligible for parole in May 1988. If interested in seeing what he looks like or any other information go to

  • Michael says:

    I was the cop at the time working on the mass murders it was sick to see what they did to all the bodies, many of the females were raped and if they had husbands they were forced to watch. They would be tied up with sharp wire and they would leave no survivors. They were a crazy family and I am praying for all the families affected by this. I am now retired and living in Texas City and I still have a bunch of the files and newspaper articles about them

  • Regina says:

    I am Elizabeth perryman’s daughter. The Colorado facility refuses to allow any family members of the victims to go there. He refuses parole every two years because he is a piece of shit.

  • Kendall Turner says:

    Still suffering everyday! Miss my Mother & my Sister. They were so robbed, so young…

    • Joseph E. Moore says:

      Kendall Honey I know how you feel. It was bad then and is bad now, it still hurts me too. When I lost my Father in the Plane crash it was a shock, then losing my son this last March was tragic too. Losing family members in a tragic way feels much different than when they have been sick for awhile and pass. It’s still death but the shock is just different. I love your family and always will. I would have liked to have seen these sick F##KS suffer more than they did. There is a special place in Hell for them. Take care and hope to see you soon. Joe I will never forget about your Mother and Sister, never.

  • Sam Winter says:

    Everyone, I’m really very sorry about your loss ones the victims of the McCrary and Taylor family killers. I understand that 2 women Carylon and Ginger were abused by their then husbands Sherman and Carl and forced as their accomplices till they got arrested. I think they’re mostly saved than being arrested and finally broke the men’s spell off so that’s why they testified against them at a several trials and divorced them for a new change and start when they finished their light sentence cuz of a deal with police and prosecutors. I know Carylon’s maiden name was Tribble and she died on Jan. 12, 1986 in CA at the age of 58. Her ex-husband Sherman committed suicide 2 years later in prison and their son Danny passed away in 2007. I know Ginger changed her name to avoid publicity and lead her private life after she regretted lots of her mistakes for involving in her father and husband’s horrible wicked spree. But I want to know what are the dates of Sherman McCrary and his 2 children’s birthdays and Carl McCrary’s birthday. I’m surprised Carl’s still very much alive nearly 80 in prison now when I read your comments. I want to visit the victims’ graves and give them regards and sympathies for their young innocent lives the McCrary and Taylor family destroyed and leaving many families, children and friends who’s still grieving their beloved losses. I’m always praying for you and making the victims’ justice win and end the evil killers’ future.

  • Glenda Greenberg says:

    Hello Kendall Turner,
    first I want you to know I have thought of you often in my life. You don’t know me. But Your Mother and my Mother were friends. My Mother was suppose to be at the salon that day. Her Name was Bernice Epps, Her Car battery would not work. I remember coming home from school that day and seeing my Mother in the kitchen crying. The event has affected me in a very real way. I can not begin to imagine what you have been through.
    I own a beauty salon and I am so aware of safety for all my people. The fear is still there vividly.
    I send you love and comfort, you deserve happiness. Your loss is beyond understanding.
    Please know I have included you in my thoughts and prayers for years. wishing only good for you

  • Donitta Cherry says:

    I was contacted in the last couple of weeks through Facebook Messenger by Sam. For some reason the request disappeared and I have been unable to reply. If you contacted me regarding talking to you about this please send me another message.

  • Kendall L Johnson says:

    Watched the show of the Taylors/ McCray’s on I’d.Our case was never mentioned.Whats up with that? Is Carl still breathing?

  • Christy B says:

    Sherman McCrary had a son with my grandma before all of the murders took place. She took her son (my Uncle) and got as far away as she could. This was in the 50’s.
    I am interrested in hearing more about Sherman before he got married.

  • Alex Shaw says:

    Hi, I’m searching for some information. I make true crime videos on YouTube and I recently covered this case on my channel. I would love to do a part two with more information from any of the McCrary family relatives or victims. I also would like some more information on Susan Shaw if anyone has any information on her. We are from the same town and we also have the same last name I’m curios to know what her family background is or if I have any relation to her. If you have any information please reach out to me at (469)554-3297 thank you very much!

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