Victims of Oscar Ray Bolin Jr.

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Oscar Ray Bolin Jr. was found guilty of murdering three people and is suspected of murdering another four. We currently have information on all of his known victims.

Stephanie Collins 

Stephanie, age 17, was murdered in November of 1986.

Terry Lynn Matthews

Terry, age 26, was murdered in 1986.

Natalie Blanche Holley

Natalie, age 25, was murdered in 1986.


  • Gellen says:

    Do you know the names of the other 4 victims he is suspected of killing?

  • gerie says:

    My Mother was a Bolin, she had a brother named Oscar…..How can I find out if she was his sister. Her name was Geraldine Bolin. Scary shit to think it could be. We lived in OHIO

  • gerie says:

    Her Brother, our Unc Oscar, was a total NUT and sex nut.

  • GEP says:

    He was suspected of killing Sharon Hopper as well.
    Check out Roadside Prey by Alva Busch.

  • Joana Isabel says:

    Death Penalty does not bring back their relatives their loved ones……so….What’s the use of it?….I live in a non death penalty country….We’ve also had rapists….little girls who have been murdered….and so on….This is something so sad…and difficult to accept …mainly for those who were part of their family….I do not understand why a civilized society supports DEATH PENALTY… it is also killing…it does not matter who kills….who does it…but it’s all death…..

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