Wesley Shermantine Endores Mayoral Candidate

on May 16, 2012 in Pop Culture, Serial Killers by

The Wesley Shermantine story just gets more and more bizarre.

Bounty hunter Leonard Padilla has paid Shermantine for information leader to the recovery of the remains of Shermantine’s victims. He is also running for mayor of Sacramento.

Shermantine has publicly endorsed his campaign.

And Padilla is accepting the endorsement:

If I go out here to the unions; if I go to the firemen and ask for their endorsement, they are going to want something in return. This man can’t ask for anything in return.

I don’t think it will have any backlash because there is nothing about the man that is a secret. He’s up there because he killed people. He’s giving up bodies, he’s doing everything he can to absolve himself of further blame.

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