Victim of Gary Ridgway Identified

on June 20, 2012 in Serial Killers, Victimology by

A victim of Gary Ridgway has been identified, 30 years after she went missing.

Sandra Denise Major was last seen by her family in New York in 1982, when she left without telling anyone her destination. Her family later received a postcard with no return address, but with a Seattle postmark.

A friend in Seattle last saw her get into a truck, and reported her missing on December 24, 1982.

Unidentified remains were found three years later, but weren’t identified until recently, using DNA submitted by her family.

Ridgway confessed to murdering the young woman, but did not know her name. Her body was found near that of two other victims, Kimi-Kai Pitsor and the still unidentified “Bones 17”.


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