Victims of John Joubert

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John Joubert was found guilty for the murders of three people. We currently have information on all of his known victims.

Richard  Stetson

Richard, age 11, was murdered on August 22, 1982. His remains were found in Maine on August 23, 1982. Richard had been stabbed to death.

Danny Joe Eberle

Danny, age 13, was murdered on September 18, 1983. His remains were found in Nebraska on September 21, 1983. Danny had been bound, his mouth had been taped and he was stabbed to death.

Christopher Walden

Christopher, age 12, was murdered on December 2, 1983. His remains were found in Nebraska on December 4, 1983. Christopher had been stabbed and had his throat cut so deep that he was nearly decapitated.


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