Victims of Jeffrey Gorton

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Jeffrey Gorton was found guilty for murdering two people. We currently have information on both of his victims.

Margarette Eby

Margarette was murdered on November 9, 1986. She had been raped prior to her murder.

Nancy Ludwig

Nancy, age 41, was murdered on February 17, 1991, in Romulus, Michigan. She had been raped prior to her murder.



  • Linda (LUDWIG) Krause says:

    My family will forever be effected by his evil!!!! Even after he rots in prison….. Nancy was my Dads life!! WE MISS HER So sad!! We also mourn for the Eby family.

  • Yes, I saw this creep on Forensic Files earlier today, and I hate his guts ! These poor women! What a horrible way to have to die, by this monster. My heart breaks for the poor loved ones left to carry on with the pain and loss in life. Has the scum bag died yet? I hope he suffers before he croaks.

  • Nancy says:

    This creep should have been given the death penalty instead of getting life in prison! Why should the tax payers have to pay to keep this creep alive?

  • Nancy Klug says:

    Jeffrey Gorton should be put to death! Why are we wasting tax payer money to keep this filth alive!!!!!!

  • Charles L Cunningham says:

    I saw this monster’s story on Forensic Files tonight, too bad he managed to get away from his punishment in prison so long! I feel so sorry for the victims and their loved ones affected by this inhuman monster’s crimes.

  • John Nist says:

    The Ludwig murder could have been prevented. The criminally incompetent Flint, Mich police failed to
    conduct a dragnet of the workers having access to Bby’s house. They had Gorton’s fingerprint.They could have tried to obtain fingerprints from all workers. Gorton was such a worker who had access. If he had refused prints, Flint could have gotten the from Gorton’s previous Navy service for comparison.
    Sickening buffoonery.

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