Victims of Jon Dunkle

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Jon Dunkle was found guilty for the murders of three people. We currently have information on all of his victims.

John Davies 

John, age 15, was murdered on November 8, 1981, in Belmont.

Lance Turner

Lance, age 12, was murdered on October 2, 1984, in Belmont. He had been stabbed 23 times.

Sean Dannehl

Sean, age 12, was murdered on July 2, 1985, in Sacramento.


  • Brett Frank says:

    I find this case and history of Jon Dunkle especially interesting. My best friend and I had an encounter with Jon I believe in the summer of 1984 or 1985. My friend and I were down at the American River in Sacramento and Jon was there sitting by himself. It was later afternoon and there were no other people present. My friend and I were swimming in the river and Jon started talking to us. He seemed to be a shy and unthreatening figure so we conversed for some time. I was either 17 or 18 and my friend was 9 months younger. Mr. Dunkle offered to buy us all some beer and we agreed. He went to a nearby store on one of our bicycles and bought a six pack of tall Budweiser beer. We all drank and told stories and laughed a bit for awhile. Finally the beer ran out so Jon went back to the store and bought another six pack of the same beer. We consumed that too as Jon told stories of being in trouble with the law and how he had punched a cop and escaped arrest for a D.U.I. By this time, my friend and I were somewhat intoxicated since neither of us were accustomed to drinking. Jon seemed to be perfectly sober and offered to buy more beer. It was dusk at this time and I told Jon I needed to get home for dinner. My friend tried to talk me into staying for more beer. Something inside me just felt like the situation wasn’t right and I became insistant that we leave. Jon, by this time had physically closed the distance that he was standing from us to an uncomfortable 3 feet or so. I felt very nervous inside and Jon was somewhat insistant that we stay and drink more. I wondered why this guy, who neither of us had ever met, was buying us beer, not asking for money, and really wanted us to stay. The red flags were quickly showing in my mind and I told Jon that I lived a very short distance away and my father knew where we were and would surely be down there soon. I even mentioned that he was a very mean man. (not true) I also told Jon that we would be back to the same location the following day with money so we could buy the beer and drink again. This seemed to satisfy Jon and we set up a time to meet the next afternoon. we said goodbye and quickly rode our bicycles home. Obviously, we did not return the next day or ever again. A short time later I recognized Jon from a Sacramento news report that showed him sitting in court being arraigned on a murder charge. Jon’s face was easy to remember and it really sent a chill up my spine. My friend saw the news also and we discussed our possible fate that evening at length. I have followed all the events involving Jon and even went so far as to look up his parents phone number and call them. I was hoping to derive some information regarding Jon’s childhood and early adult years. Neither parent would expound on any events in his life. All they told me was that they were glad I was alive and that Jon was a very troubled young man. They stated that they hadn’t been in contact with him in years. He was very mentally ill and had no concept of reality. I have read The Boy Next Door and found it to be very interesting. A couple of places in the book did send the familiar chills up my spine as the story covered the Sacramento events. I absolutely know that Jon would have attempted to kill me and my friend that evening and I thank God that I had the inner voice to tell me to exit that situation immediately. I believe that my consuming even one more beer would have made the difference between life and death. Jon just needed us to be slightly more intoxicated to render us almost helpless. He was right! My friend and I were getting very close to the point of losing coordination. Needless to say, I am now a very protective parent and unfortunately, have trouble trusting anyone except family and close personal friends. I am so thankful and glad to have survived this terrible threat. My heart really goes out to the parents and family of Jon’s victims that weren’t so fortunate. As a parent, I can’t even imagine the pain and endless suffering the parents of those three boys went through. It’s not until you are a parent, that you actually love someone more than yourself. I will be glad to discuss this event with anyone who wishes to contact me or has had a similar type situation that they wish to discuss. Thank you

  • Joanne says:

    I went on one date with him and we went to American River. There were lots of people around, and then he wanted me to go back near the trees, when he touched my hand slightly I freaked out for some reason and ran to the road; caught the bus and the next week my dad showed me the newspaper, telling me I could have been killed. My dad died so I am looking through his stuff and he kept the article. Scary indeed. I had no idea it was this bad, because as a kid when your dad says something; its like yeah ok whatever, but now I am 46.

  • Gerry says:

    I went through Junior High School (Ralston) and High School (Carlmont) with Jon and he was always a little “different”. We both graduated in 1979.

    I can remember him at Ralston as he was a bit squirrely, but would I have ever guessed that he was capable of these crimes? No, but does it surprise me? Yes it does as in my mind it’s quite a leap to go from being a bit weird, to killing 3 kids.

  • Kat says:

    My fathers best friend was one of Jon’s potential victims. Jon had run him down off of his motorcycle and approached him with the nail covered pipe. Luckily my dads friend was able to escape unharmed.

    • Rebecca says:

      Hi Kat, who was your dads friend? Sounds like it might be my ex husband. He was stabbed in hand by Dunkle. He was good friends with both Dunkle and Davies

  • Stew Pitt says:

    I suspected this alcoholic weirdo from day one!

  • Michael scott says:

    I met Jon in the spring of 1982 I had just graduated from carlmont high school,But a couple of days before graduating a friend and I went to pull a senior prank and ended up getting charged with a crime and being scared took a deal that had me do 45 days in the work furlough program and that’s where I met Jon he was in jail for I believe hit and run and doing his time too at work furlough where we both had an in house job of kitchen duty where we prepared and served the meals, we’ll I knew the guy was a little weird when he kept trying to befriend me and ask me to do all these wild and exotic things with him like sail the world bike across the US. We’ll he was getting a little too personal and comfortable around me and I told him to back the fuck off and stop kissing my ass to be friends that I was interested in being that close to this weirdo. Then one day I had enough of his mouth and told him to get the fuck out of my face I the kitchen one early morning before we served breakfast and it upset him and when my back was turned he tried to hit me over the head with a large stainless steel soup ladle, and the civilian head cook Joe hollered to me to look out and as I turned he took a swing at my head I ducked then jumped right up and bulldozed him into a pantry rack a proceeded to beat the brakes off his stupid ass and since he grabbed a weapon Joe ordered the other kitchen helpers to shut the doors and keep a lookout so I could teach this idiot a lesson. And I did I beat him up pretty bad and he had to go to the hospital, but he never snitches me off after Joe told him if he did he would let me beat him every chance I got. So he let me alone and I eventually got out and continued on with life till a few years later an awesome and friendly little guy that lived next door to one of my best friends gets murdered at Water dog Lake behind Ralston school in Belmont California that was Lance Turner his second victim after John Davies so it was not a surprise that he did what he did but the fact that I had almost became a victim of his and his ladle but was warned in time to defend myself , was just to surreal. I was glad to hear this creep was caught for the murders and sits on death row where he belongs.

  • Greg Baldwin says:

    My brother was run over by Jon Dunkle. We lived a few blocks away from him. After he ran my brother over he put him in his trunk and dumped him off a ravine to die. My brother crawled out and barely survived. His head was fractured in 8 places, he pelvic bone was shattered and he lost a kidney and his spleen. My brother was very lucky and got a second chance, the other kids were not so fortunate. Thank God they caught Jon. I have a successful podcast called Second Chances ( and am thinking about doing a few episodes on this story. I may be in touch with some of the people that posted here. I would love to find the undercover officer Lisa Thomas. She is a hero. You can reach me at

  • Andrea Dannehl says:

    Sean Dannehl was my brother. This awful man robbed me of my older brother and my father of his only son. It sickens me that he is still alive while my brother and the two other boys lost their lives. I’m so grateful for Lisa Thomas and her sacrifice and hard work getting this man to confess.

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