Victims of Glennon Engleman

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Glennon Engleman was found guilty for the murders of five victims, but is suspected for the murders of seven victims. We currently have information on all of his known and suspected victims.

James Bullock

James was murdered in 1958. He was shot to death. Engleman is suspected to have been involved in this murder.

Eric Frey

Eric was murdered on September 26, 1963. He had been hit on the head with a rock, pushed into a well and then was blown up by a stick of dynamite. Engleman is suspected to have been involved in this murder.

Peter Halm 

Peter, age 26, was murdered on September 5, 1976. He was shot to death in Pacific, Missouri.

Arthur Gusewelle

Arthur, age 61, was murdered with his wife, Vernita Gusewelle, on November 3, 1977. He had been shot to death. They were murdered near Edwardsville, Illinois.

Vernita Gusewelle

Vernita, age 55, was murdered with her husband, Arthur Gusewelle, on November 3, 1977. She had been beaten to death. They were murdered near Edwardsville, Illinois.

Ron Gusewelle

Ron, age 33, was murdered on March 31, 1979, in Illinois.

Sophie Barrera

Sophie, age 50, was murdered on January 14, 1980. She was murdered by a car bomb that is thought to have been set by Engleman.



  • Bill Leahy says:

    As an ex-cop, I was writing about another crazy person by the name of Ivan Lowell Deckard and the story line led to the Bullock murder. The book contains all of the news clippings that collectively unravel the details of the Bullock killing for profit. Seems Engleman’s old girlfriend had set up Bullock for his insurance money. Deckard names the killers hired for the job, but since he was headed for the Federal penitentiary himself, his evidence lacked credibility and the case was never closed.
    All the detail is in Chapter 5 of “Curbstone Justice” available through the above website…the details bring a completely different angle to the killer’s method of operation, never written previously. Guaranteed a good read.

  • To SKT…seems I made a remark about Dr. Glennon Engleman back in 2012…you asked a question about the book containing the information, in 2014 and now in 2015, I happen to see the inquiry and offer the response…how’s that for speed?
    Anyway, there are lots of books written by Engleman, but to the best of my knowledge, no one put the puzzle parts together to figure out who killed the Bullock gent in Forest Park…and just as important, who stood to gain financially by his death.
    As I wrote in my book, Curbstone Justice ( not CURBSIDE or CURDSIDE) available through my website, the killers were henchmen of a gent by the name of Ivan Lowell Deckard, a very dangerous individual who had shot two cops and almost shot two more, me being one of them, before being captured and ultimately sentenced to a Federal Penitentiary down in Atlanta. Since Deckard had escaped from prison twice before, I’m not really sure he’s still so confined, but now that he’s old, he’s not as likely to be sawing bars and repelling down the outside wall of the Federal Court building in downtown St. Louis (yep he really did that), but I wouldn’t put it past him.
    Deckard fingered his pals for the murder hoping to get a break from the Feds…it didn’t happen since all the bad guys were by that time, either killed by the police or in the can somewhere, but it was Bullock’s wife who set him up at the insistance of her lover, DR GLENNON ENGLEMAN. He supposedly used part of the money to finance a race track…all of the horrifying detail is spelled out in the clippings in Chapter 5. Interesting detail with lots of twists and turns, but since the story was about Deckard, not Engleman, I didn’t spend too much time on his crime spree…
    I suppose the moral of the story is; you never know all you should about the nice doctor drilling on your molar…he might have been a good dentist, but don’t get on his wrong side…

  • Donald Smith says:

    I was a patient with Dr Engleman along with my sister and brother back in the 70s when he had his office down in south St Louis, I believe on Shenandoah St. I still have a prescription bottle with his name on it.

  • DD says:

    This killer could have been stopped.
    Just saw the saga on the Escape Channel. A detective seeking a approval, or a promotion, had picked up a young Black man, and threatened his family if he didn’t confess to one of the killings. Probably not even reprimanded. These injustices free up America’s serial killers to continue doing what they do best.
    The dentist explained that he “inherited a talent to kill without remorse. And it was this talent which would make him rich.”

  • Lynn says:

    What was the address of his office?

  • Noele says:

    I was just watching the Escape Channel also. Since it was about St. Louis, where I’d grown up, it held my interest. When they talked about the farm couple being shot, it reminded me of two close friends of my parents. Then, the show talked about body of the farmer’s son was found in the trunk of his car and it sounded so much like a classmate of my sister. Doing a google search on Ronnie’s obituary, this website popped up.

  • Harry S says:

    My ex-wife and daughter were his patients for years when he was located at Compton & Shenandoah in South St. Louis. He was usually friendly except one time when he cracked my wife’s tooth when doing a filling. He became nasty and defensive after that and never went back. Probably a good thing.

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